Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Post-Race Party

After the race, we headed back to Kelli's house for the post-race party (which means food and naps!!)
Dad & Joseph
Kelli had the WORLD-FAMOUS Lou Mahnati's deep-dish pizza shipped from Chicago for us to eat for lunch. We knew we could go out to eat with all the tired kids and so decided to eat at home. This is the restaurant that Kelli & Dad ate at after both Chicago marathons that she ran. It was delicious!

We left not a scrap of it afterwards!
It was fun sitting around lunch talking about everyone's stories from the race, funny runners they saw, etc.
It's not easy being a spectator either - Scott & Chloe needed a nap!
Joseph and Caleb are so hilarious together - they just stare at each other!!

Josiah was cracking them up!!

I found Callie in at Kelli's kitchen counter a few hours later. Just quietly coloring in a coloring book....and wearing Joseph's hat. Always in need of an accessory!!! (Courtney, does that sound like anyone you know? )
We went for a walk later that night (as if I hadn't had enough exercise already) and Kelli attached an extra leash to Chloe so that BOTH Jacob and Callie could walk her!

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