Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Monday!

And a happy Monday it was indeed. What wonderful naps the Schrodt family had today!! :) I'm getting ready to run to a meeting at church, so this will be brief!

We had a great weekend in SC. It was very full - lots of meetings and interviews and questions - lots and lots of questions - but everything went great. Lots of positive feedback. We should hear something this week they said. We were SO thankful that we were able to leave the kids with Beth. We left our hotel room on Saturday morning at 8:30 AM and didn't get back until 10 PM that night. It would have been near impossible had we had them with us. So thank you Beth & Anthony - you were a HUGE blessing!

The kids had a GREAT time over there. Josiah said his favorite thing was playing with the bat cave, and Jacob's favorite thing was hiking in the woods. Beth SAYS the kids all did great together, and I was relieved to see that Addison survived Callie, so things must have gone well! I'm so thankful for dear friends like Beth & Anthony that our kids know so well and are so comfortable with. I wasn't worried about them at all and KNEW they were having a great time together.

We picked them up last night and listened to the superbowl on the way home (so SAD about the Cardinals - they almost pulled it off!!) We got home around 11:30 pm and were so glad to get into our beds!! thank you so much for all of your prayers this weekend - we really felt them and were so encouraged to know people everywhere were praying for us and our kids this weekend! We'll keep you posted!!!


Erica said...

praying for some fantastic news from the schrodts this week!

Courtney said...

yay for good naps! thanks for letting us know you're home safely! hope you get a GOOD night's rest tonight, too!

Jenn said...

Glad you are all home! And so happy the weekend went so well - for all of you :) XOXO