Sunday, February 8, 2009

Going Under!

Big day today. We've been talking about this day for over a year now. In October of 2007, we had a life changing weekend in our family. Both Josiah and Jacob trusted Jesus and asked Him to be their Savior. Josiah prayed on a Friday morning driving to the YMCA, and Jacob prayed just two days later on Sunday. I remember posting about it on the blog even about having two new brothers in the family of God. Well, we believe that the bible teaches about baptism as a way for believers to identify with Christ, and also to testify that they are followers of Jesus. When we first talked about this with the boys last year, we figured that they would be reserved about it - not ready to go before the WHOLE church and all of that. Josiah's actual response was that he would get baptized when he was 30 years old. (He listened awfully carefully to the story of when Jesus was baptized at age 30 I suppose!)

Well, a few months ago, the boys were talking amongst themselves about theology (as they often do...I know that David's dad LOVES listening to these conversations from heaven!), and they both decided that they were ready to be baptized. That they wanted EVERYONE to know that they had Jesus in their hearts. And of course it would be even better because they would do it together.

So that leads us to today. The boys went through the children's class last month and were all ready. We "practiced" at the Y, so they knew what behavior was allowed in the baptismal! :) And they were so excited. They also talked alot this weekend about how this was going to make the devil sad - that he doesn't want people to know about Jesus, and the boys were THRILLED to tell EVERYONE that they have Jesus in their hearts! I loved it!

So they got to wear their bathing suits to church this morning (how fun is that!) They had already told me that they wanted Daddy to be waiting for them with their towels (so I was relegated to sitting in the pew with the camcorder). We asked that Pastor TJay be the one to baptize them. We have been friends with him and his wife for more than 10 years. We met at Liberty (I actually knew his wife from high school at our church), and all ministered together on YouthQuest. TJay came to the church to be the youth pastor at the same time that we moved here, and we were thrilled to meet up with these friends again.

You all know it's been a tough couple years at our church. But TJay has been faithful. He has been faithful to God and faithful to our church. He and David have a great relationship, and we have prayed that God would uphold him and his family amidst all the hard "stuff" our church is having to go through. So it was so special for him to baptize our boys. He loves our family, and we love his family. He said it made him feel "old" to be baptizing two of our kids. How special.

The boys were precious. What a very special Sunday for us. And yes boys, God was SO proud of you for declaring to EVERYONE how much you love Jesus and want to serve Him. And I was a little bit proud of you too. May you ALWAYS have as much enthusiasm and love for serving Him as you do today. You are both going to be shining lights for Him. God has great things for you both. You began your spiritual lives just days apart from each other, you are absolutely the best of friends, you were baptized on the same day together, and I wouldn't have had it any other way. I love you two boys. More than you know. And I was SO proud of you. Even if I had to sit in the pew and watch!

I think this is my new favorite picture of them. Ever. Seriously. (Judy - maybe we can put it in the header?)
Do they look excited or what? :)

My boys. All love God with all that they know and all that they are. and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Jacob went first...he looks a LITTLE bit nervous at this point!

Poor TJay - I warned him that he may get wetter than usual with these two! :)

TJay with Jacob. He was so cute - he looked straight out at the congregation and gave everyone a big smile. The way our church does it, the person getting baptized tapes a short video saying when they were saved and why they want to be baptized. It makes it nice for kids and for people who would otherwise get nervous about this part!

And here he is - after going under! :)

Josiah was next. He was nervous, I could tell, but excited. I don't think he ever looked out at the congregation. But he was ready!

And here he is after going under!


Courtney said...

wow. that is huge. we were just talking about baptism tonight (long story...)

i love the picture where jacob is about to go under. and you can see josiah watching him. so precious, katy. the relationship between those 2!

anthonyandbeth said...

so proud of those boys! oh i bet you were beaming from ear to ear on that pew! i would LOVE to see their on screen videos! how precious and what a keepsake for them! i love how close they are and that they were able to do this together!!! can't wait to show this to Harrison...maybe he'll want to move his time frame up from his twenties. :) and so glad that TJay was able to baptize them. how special! tell those sweet boys how proud of them Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Beth are of them!

The Stein Family said...

You made me cry! How beautiful and how special for Jacob and Josiah! Congratulations to you all, esp Jacob and Josiah!

Jenn said...

So special! Love it :)

Mandy said...

Wow!! Katy, I'm so upset that we missed this! I love the pictures, they are beaming:) I bet their video testimonies were so cute:) Congratulations!! What a very special day!

Jen said...

It was so cute to see them up there. We could see them behind the baptismal before they went in and were waiving at them. What a major step for them and so glad they got to do it together.

Mandy said...

PS...Jake just asked me ("out of the blue") this afternoon if he could get "bapitiz-ed" (sounds like "appetizer" but with a "d" at the end instead of "r"...past tense for him always has an audible "ed" at the end...still working on that one:) I think when I told him Josiah would be coming over to our house, he remembered Josiah telling him about it at church yesterday. I guess we'll be signing him up for the next "going under" class:)

dandsratz said...

Katy!! Look how awesome these pictures turned out!! The boys look absolutely angelic!!! Of course, we were late, so we missed the whole thing!!

Judy said...

So sweet and definitely memories they will have for the rest of their lives!
I'm so proud of them for honoring Jesus with their lives!

Natalie said...

Fantastic! I am so proud of these guys. And the pic of the two of them together is THE BEST!