Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pizza Night

Here are the girls L-R: Katy, Jayne, Natalie, Sue, and Heidi
And the boys L-R: Trevor, David, Craig, Kevin, Dave

Sue & Heidi with their baby girls - Madeline and Laura

And here's our boys having their "own" game night on the Wii :)

Last Saturday night, we decided quite spontaneously to get together with our "old" small group. I really probably should say "former" small group. We met together for 3 years before David and I left last fall to start another group. With all the craziness lately, I felt like it had been forever since we'd all gotten together and caught up. So we had a "bring your favorite pizza" and let's play games night! It was lots of fun - I put Callie to bed at her normal 7 pm, and the boys were happy as clams to play the Wii with the other big boys. What a fun night!


Courtney said...

look at your cute belly!! :-)

anthonyandbeth said...

game night with GREAT friends...and pizza, sounds perfect! i know you're gonna miss everyone when y'all move. soak up your time with them while you have it.

Jen said...

Spontaneous play nights are my favorite!

Jayne said...

Your pictures turned out better than any of mine!! Jealous and stolen!

dandsratz said...
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