Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday - our last day in Floriday! :(

Here's our "Barefoot and Pregnant" picture! Would you believe this is the only picture I got of me and Kelli? I know - I'm mad about it too. But I was too busy working!!! Anyways, this was Sunday afternoon after having a FABULOUS lunch of salmon, couscous (my new fave), and asparagus. We were all still puttering around the kitchen, and I pulled out a plate from the fridge with 2 pieces of leftover cake from the shower. I took 1 piece and left the other plate on the counter. A minute or two later, Kelli came along and picked up the other piece and started eating. We were DYING laughing. So that's the picture - barefoot, pregnant, and eating cake together! :) I love it!
This was so bizarre. Callie started this new thing that weekend. Everytime she'd bring her shoes or socks to put on, she'd lay down FLAT on the floor. Didn't matter if she was in the house, in the kitchen, or out in the yard. She totally laid flat out! It was hilarious!

After naptime, we headed to the beach for a little bit. It's so relaxing. I'm going to miss living so close to the beach. There's just something so peaceful about the wind and the sound of the water. It was 70-80 degrees there all weekend - totally perfect.

Beach bums! Kristen, Mom, and Kelli
Don't know why, but Callie spent about 10 minutes just dumping sand on her head. We commented that Josiah would have been appalled by that behavior and told her to stop, and Jacob would have helped her and probably bury the poor girl in the process!!

Mom saying goodbye to Callie in the airport.

The trip home was a little harder than the trip there. Our first flight left West Palm at 6:45 pm - which is practically bedtime anyways for Callie. She was already tired - it had been a LONG weekend, and we were definitely feeling it. She was a little more cranky and not as content to sit still on that flight. This was at the end when we were getting ready to get off in Atlanta. She laid down on the floor of the airplane under the seats. (I know - disgusting...) Then our second flight from Atlanta to home was delayed. So she just ran up and down the terminal for a couple hours. She was happy, but I was EXHAUSTED. We didn't leave there until almost 10:30 PM. Thankfully, she fell right asleep once we boarded the plane. We got home right at about 1 AM,and woke up the next morning to snow on the cars and grass. Talk about temperature change!!! It was SUCH a fun weekend - I would totally do it all over again and a million times more. We LOVED celebrating with you Kelli!!!


Courtney said...

wow! what great updates!!! good job! callie is a riot. we NEED to get her and bailey together...or maybe not...

The Stein Family said...

Barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen no less -- too funny. From the beach to the snow in a matter of days, crazy!

Jenn said...

Love all the updates! Look like you girlies had a wonderful weekend together - and it was WARM!! :) I love the pic of you and Kelli eating cake - so cute!

Judy said...

I remember traveling to Mass. right before Christian turned two. It was great on the way there! Horrible on the way home. Our flight was delayed once we had already boarded and they wouldn't let us get off the plane. We had the window seat with Christian on my lap and he pooped while we were sitting there for over an hour. Ugh! Funny now, not so funny in that moment!

anthonyandbeth said...

loved all the pictures from your trip to FL! oh you girls must have had the best time together! you and Kelli look SO cute eating your cake! a perfect end to lunch! :) Callie must have felt like a big girl to be hanging out with all the ladies! :) and Mary is BEAUTIFUL!!! so glad she could come too! wish you had a picture of the food all set up, knowing you it looked beautiful! you all are SO blessed to have each other!!!