Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Fair Came to Town!

Our children's ministry put on a "fair" for the grade school kids last Sunday. Their word of the month was "fairness", and so they did a fair after church that was free for the whole family. Because it rained, the pony rides were cancelled, but MUCH fun was had by all. We had hot dogs, an inflatable, carnival games, popcorn, snow cones, and cotton candy - what could be better? We had a great time!

I LOVE these people! This is our small group. They all volunteered to serve as a class that morning - and half of the group doesn't even have kids! We were overwhelmed by their willingness to serve - and so proud of our group. We had 17 people there - and we were the lunch ladies! :) Wrapped hot dogs, made lemonade, set up tables, etc, etc. It was SO fun!

David was great - while I was serving food, he took the kids around and enjoyed the fair with them. Who doesn't love a little cotton candy!

Josiah and Jacob loved their snow-cones.

Callie liked the "rubber duck" game. She thought she was doing it like all the big kids - but really she just kept reaching in and pulling them out of the water. Whatever -she loved it!


anthonyandbeth said...

i love the idea of the fair! i bet you ladies made some might fine looking lunch ladies! :)

Judy said...

What a fun idea! I think our church needs to do that. I love things like that that bring people together and give them opportunities to connect with people they might not ordinarily spend time with. Great to see your small group serving together too! Those are such great bonding times!

Jen said...

It was a fun time - I'm up for hotdogs at church every Sunday!