Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Did you know that the most frequest command in Scripture is "Do not be afraid?" I think we as women, and perhaps we as young moms struggle with fear more than any other people group. I think it's partially because our children are so young and we are painfully aware of just how dependent they are on us. I know so many of us have had discussions about how we don't know how we could ever survive a tragic loss of a child or a spouse or so many of the other things that we read about and see all too often.

Well, last week's video session from the Beth Moore biblestudy tackled exactly this topic. I've done 9 or 10 of her studies, and they are all fabulous. But there are a handful of sessions that will always stick out in my mind forever. Sessions that apply to people whether or not they are in the middle of that particular biblestudy or not. This was one of them. Session 4 from the Esther series. If you are looking for an hour of refreshment and encouragement and conviction from the Word of God, you ought to download this session. Seriously! You can go on and download it. There are several friends of mine (I've talked to some of you already about this) that I had specifically impressed upon my heart about this topic, but it was really profound. Here's just a quick (probably not quick, but I'll try) synopsis:

We were in Esther 4. Esther had finally realized what was going on with the plot to destroy the Jews and made the decision to approach the king about it, knowing that she very well could be killed for doing this. This session was all about fear - that she made some shifts to move from self-preservation to brave determination. One of the biggest points that Beth Moore made was the idea that we can protect ourselves right out of our callings. I think so often we are afraid to take a step out on faith because it would cause too much change. Or rattle too many feathers. Or just be too uncomfortable. But that step out just may be what would lead us to the fulfillment of our callings!

The other major point was the idea of facing any fear. That we all have things that in our heart of hearts, we are afraid of having happen to us. Whether it's the loss of a child, loss of a spouse, financial devastation, serious illness, etc. Things that we just are terrified would ever happen to us. She acknowledged that while many "phobias" and fears will never happen to us, it's also not enough for us just to trust God that what we fear most will never happen. This is because of two reasons:

1. Because Satan will keep threatening us with which case, it's as if it DID happen. Because once he has that psychological hold on us, it's just as bad as the reality. We will constantly be tormented and held captive by the fear of it "could" happening. This was HUGE to me.

2. And secondly, because if that greatest fear of ours DID happen, then our faith ends up being conditional - because we were in essence saying I'm trusting God that He would never let that happen to me. So if it happens, what does that say about God and who He is? We HAVE to be able to say "If ___________________ (and you fill in that blank with whatever your fear is), then GOD!!!!!. Then God will take care of me. Then God is still sovereign. Then God will give me the grace I need. Then I will feel His peace in a surreal way. Then God!

I don't think I did this session justice at all, but I had to get some of it down. Seriously powerful stuff ladies. Take an hour. Watch it. Your hearts will be changed.


The Stein Family said...

Your #2 point made me think of a blog I ran across a while back. It was thought provoking for me, though it doesn't seem that anyone keeps up the blog anymore. Still check out the post on "If____, then____ Faith'
Like I said it's thought provoking!

Tiffany said...

Wow, Katy...powerful stuff and just what I needed to hear....with all the moveing stuff and already preparing for housing for June to come back to Va, I find my self worrying lots and being a Mom and of small kids too....Wow I can relate to this...thanks for this post!!!

Heather J said...

Yes, it was an amazing lesson that I've shared with many already (including Mark!). So powerful - I think everyone in my session absolutely walked away with some really meaty nuggets. Good stuff!!!!

Sure did miss you in VA, but it was good to see your 'men'!