Sunday, October 19, 2008

Jacob's Birthday!

What a great weekend we had celebrating my sweet Jacob!! His REAL birthday was Sunday, and my Mom was able to make a quick trip to be here with us. She came down Saturday afternoon and the party began!! Having his birthday on a Sunday made for a very busy and full day. We had to be sure to be up extra early so the donut cake was ready to go when he woke up. Then we were all 6 out the door at 7:45 am to be at church. It was also our first week of our new small group at 11 am (which went GREAT by the way - 5 new couples were there! AMAZING), so we were all there for the whole morning - all 3 services. Everyone did great though, and even did very well at lunch. Mom took us to Olive Garden to celebrate Jacob and we all enjoyed it. After getting home (at 2:15 PM!!!), Jacob opened his presents and then began building!!! Mom left a little bit later in order to be home before it was too dark. We gave the kids baths at 5 pm and then headed to Coldstone for birthday ice cream. We came home and Jacob went straight to bed - he was exhausted! (By the way, I got the pumpkin pie in the sky ice cream at coldstone - it was unbelievably good! Pumpkin ice cream with whipped cream, caramel, and graham cracker crumbs mixed in. Holy cow!) It was quite a day! (One more thing - my computer froze as I was downloading these picture to the blog, so forgive me that the order is all messed up!)

Since we had cupcakes at Jacob's party the week before (and just finished up all the leftovers, we opted for the birthday donuts instead. Aren't these pumpkin donuts from Krispy Kreme adorable? He LOVED them!)
My dad got jacob this lego set of a coast guard 4wd and jet ski. (Oh, and jacob made these weird smile poses most of the weekend. who knows!)

he was VERY excited about the star wars wrapping paper!

The 3 kids before leaving for church that morning. All remnants of donuts cleaned off their faces. The boys were holding new star wars guys mom had given them that morning. (And no, Josiah didn't wear flip flops with socks that morning to church. i think he had put them on to bring in the newspaper for me)

Callie has this "CHEESE" pose down!!! She does it anytime she sees a camera! it's hilarious!

Jacob wasn't the ONLY one excited to have Krispy Kreme for breakfast!

We ended the night at Coldstone to have birthday ice cream. We had VERY tired kids, but it was a great, full birthday!

Here's Jacob with the Coast Guard helicopter and life raft that mom got him. It was a LEGO birthday. Both boys love to build, so they had a BALL!

Mom and Josiah - two peas in a pod. So much alike!

Jacob and David...working hard!

David and the boys sat at this table for 2 hours working on their new lego sets. all 3 loved it!

What a sweet, sweet boy Jacob is. My little Jacob Aaron is 4 years old now. That sounds so big to me. So grown up. It has been an amazing year with him. He asked Jesus to be his Savior last year in October. He continues to ask so many questions about Jesus. The other day he asked me if we would still blink in heaven! He absolutely adores his brother and sister. And wants to do just about everything Josiah does, and the two are most often somewhere playing superheroes. He has begun to get a bit more independent, and will finally tell josiah if he doesn't want to play something. For the longest time, it was whatever Josiah wanted. He loves to chase Callie around the house. He calls her his Callie-girl, just like I do, and is always quick to help her. He still loves to rub her head like a cat - just like when she was a baby. Jacob is JUST like David in so many ways. He's always looked just like him - a "circle" head (as he calls it), blue eyes. Same laid back personality. Is a physical touch boy for sure. We've seen his personality develop even more this year, and he and David have so many similarities. Jacob is quite the cuddler - when he wakes up, especially. Loves to sit in a lap, hold a hand.
He has really enjoyed our mornings together. While I know he misses Josiah terribly while he's at school, it has been very special having some more one on one time with him. He enjoys doing school (I think mostly because it's what his brother is doing too), and continues to work on writing his letters. He seems to have a natural inclination towards math and numbers (again, like David) - they have always come so easily for him. He loves to build - whether blocks, legos, kid k'nex, whatever. He will sit and watch transformers with josiah, but really loves curious george still.

He has really grown up this year. I still tell him all the time that he's my baby boy. He wipes my kisses off faster than I can put them there - but all the while giggling and squealing. What a year it's been. Happy Birthday my sweet Jacob. I can't wait to see how God is going to grow you this next year! Don't get too big my sweet baby boy!


Judy said...

Looks like a very fun and busy day! I love the pumpkin doughnut! Yummo! Jacob does remind me so much of David. It's cute that their personalities just as similar as their looks!

Courtney said...

happy birthday, jacob!!! you're SO big!

Tiffany said...

What a great Birthday DAY!....Happy Birthday Jacob

anthonyandbeth said...

what a fun time with Tutu! so glad she could come and have a birthday celebration with her jacob! he's a sweetie and we love him so much! looks like he got some fun stuff to play with! love the pumpkin doughnuts! so cute! :)

Jen said...

I could totally go for birthday donuts! Happy Birthday Jacob - you are growing into a little man of God!