Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dinner at 9 pm?

Just finished up dinner. Yep - ate leftovers in front of the computer while I caught up on blogs. Everyone else is in bed. But the night got sort of crazy and didn't go at all like I thought it would. All is well though. Here's what happened tonight.

Josiah came home from school a bit of a grump. Knew he was tired, as we had a late night last night with small group (they had SO much fun, Nat...talked the WHOLE way home about it...) All the kids took their nap. Josiah still woke up grumpy. While the rest of the kids and I played out in the backyard (GORGEOUS day), he sort of laid around. At about 5:15 pm, I asked him what his deal was and he said his throat hurt. That's IT!! I called the doctor to get an after hours appointment because this is NOT the week for anyone to be sick. I can't have anything floating around my house this week! David had been feeling better today, but then came home around this same time and said the lightheadedness and wooziness was coming back. Anyways, I got a 6 pm appt. for Josiah, so off we went. Left Callie and Jacob at home with DAvid, and dinner was in the oven.

Thankfully, Josiah's strep test was negative and she said it's just a sore throat or something he's been fighting. Glad it wasn't anything more serious, but with a birthday party and my race this weekend, I was NOT willing to take any chances. Was home at 7 pm, cleaned up, put the boys in bed and then finally had to head to the Y for my run. It was WAY too dark to run outside alone, so I had to go to the gym. had a good run - good and fast. Got home at 8:45 pm, David got in bed, and I heated up my leftovers.

So here I sit. Relaxed now, but not after the night I THOUGHT I was going to have. But no strep throat. Sleeping boys (and a girl). I think I'm going to go watch Dancing With the Stars. I haven't seen it from this week yet, and I heard there was some drama. I won't get to watch it later, and I'm dying.

So excited for Beth to arrive tomorrow. We talked today all about the weekend and the race stuff. She's a RUNNER now and I'm SO proud of all she's accomplished in the last 2 months. We are going to run together tomorrow for the first time and I CAN'T wait!!! :) FUN FUN!


Courtney said...

PRAYING you all stay healthy!!!

The Stein Family said...

Load everyone up on their vitamin C and Zinc -- stay healthy! Thinking of you guys!

anthonyandbeth said...

wow! i had no idea all that happened! what about David? did he get any news from the doctor about his symptoms? so glad i'm here and SO glad we were able to run together today! never would have dreamed that would be something we could do together! i hope i'll get better and better and you won't have to go so slow! :) i was proud of myself though! i wanted to stop SO bad and if you hadn't been there i would have! thanks for pushing me. i'm sore, but it felt GREAT! :) looking forward to the rest of the weekend!