Monday, October 6, 2008

It's a Busy Week Coming!!

Today is Monday. I'm relieved that it's only Monday, because it sort of feels like it's already Wednesday, but I need every day of this week!!! it's a busy one. Lots of things going on. Fun things. Things I've been looking forward to for weeks. But of course that also means lots to be done. Here's some glimpses:

My dear friend Beth is coming in town this weekend. Her son is on year-round school in NC, and so they have almost all of October off, and they're coming for a visit. She's a new RUNNER and I can't WAIT to run with her!!!

My boys' birthday party is this weekend. Can't wait. They are so excited. It's going to be lots of fun. But lots to be done, and lots of coordination on the actual day (Saturday). Oh yeah, and it happens to be the day before my half-marathon. (I know - who picked that date right? Crazy planning).

And so yes, my half-marathon is Sunday. Very excited. Very nervous, even though I've run one before. Still lots of mind-tricks happening. Especially because of the party the day before. Trying to work out logistically picking up my race packet sometime on Saturday. David & the kids will be at church on Sunday, so i'm sort of on my own.

Just lots of things circling around my brain. Room mom stuff for Josiah's class to take care of. Paperwork to take care of. And of course normal life stuff - cooking for a client, cleaning, bills. LOTS of depressing stuff on the news. SO thankful for the JOY in the Lord that we've been studying this week in biblestudy. i've needed it!!!


Courtney said...

so fun that you get to run with Beth! yea! will she be there for the race??

anthonyandbeth said...

aren't i coming to the race? is that all on your own???? i'm planning on it, me and addison and the bjorn! :) we gotta talk details! can't wait to see you and run with you and go to the party. i was JUST thinking about you this morning and wondering when you would pick up your packet. :) you'll get it all figured out! you'll get it all done! i know you will!!!! praying for you this week!!!

Jonathan and Missy Wetherington said...

Good luck with everything this week....and best of luck this weekend!!!