Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Josiah, Jacob, and Anderson!

What a WONDERFUL fall birthday party we had on Saturday!!! We were lucky enough to get to celebrate Josiah & Jacob's birthdays with our sweet friend Anderson. Anderson & Jacob were born just a few days apart from each other, and Josiah's birthday comes a few weeks later. We decided to combine their special days and celebrate with one big pumpkin party! We had a BALL! (I've been wanting to do this for 4 years now - Jacob's 1st birthday party was supposed to be here, but we got rained out!) The weather was perfect, the food was yummy, and our sweet friends are the BEST! We had a great time seeing everyone and enjoying the day together. The farm had a petting zoo (I can't tell you how many pictures I have of Jacob feeding goats- he loved it), a haystack, and inflatables that all the kids seemed to really enjoy. It was quite a full day of fun. To our friends - you guys are the BEST! We are SO blessed to have the priviledge of "doing life" together with you. My boys absolutely were thrilled to have all their best little buddies come to celebrate with them, so thank you! I missed getting pictures of some of our friends, because we were all so spread out having fun at the farm at times. But we loved you ALL being there!!! What a day! (And no, I didn't eat any hotdogs...just chili...although I couldn't resist a cupcake....after all, I was supposed to be running my race the next day!!!)

Doesn't this look like a FUN table of friends??
Does this look like a happy Josiah or what? Surrounded by his best friends, Samuel & Harrison!
Jacob LOVES blowing out candles!
Now you see where she gets her blue eyes from? :)
Playing in the barn...

All my sweet friends had their baby bjorns on with their sweet baby girls in them!!! This is Beth (with Addison) and Sue (with Madeline). You'll see Sandi later with Morgan in her carrier. They all had their baby girls within 6 weeks of each other...LOTS of pink!
the ORANGE Schrodts!
Seriously, this boy LOVED the animals. Always has. Josiah didn't mind them, but certainly was not ABOUT to feed them. Callie liked them from a distance. But this boy - he may grow up to be a farmer. TOTALLY loved it.

The 3 big boys...conspiring about who knows what!!! (It looks like Harrison was telling them a story of sorts!)
Meredith & Erin (these are 2 tough little girls to put up with all the BOYS running all over the place!)
Josiah, Jacob, Samuel, & Meredith
(the Wiedmaiers moved a bit away and are going to a different church now. We miss being able to see them as often, so we were SO excited they could be here with us. The kids have grown up together!)

Carter & Callie - chilling in the strollers
Don't know if you can really see it, but there was a RAINBOW around the sun! So cool!
Anderson - the other birthday boy! You can tell how much fun he was having by the amount of DIRT on his face! :)
Beth, Me, and our baby girls (my baby girl isn't quite a baby anymore!!!) See how Callie is trying to put her hand on Addison's head? So cute!
Sandi & Baby Morgan

Jake showed Jacob an egg that a chicken had just laid! WOW!

Jake even caught a chicken for Jacob to hold. He told me later that he wanted to bring that chicken home with him! Probably wouldn't be a bad idea with the amount of eggs that we go through in this family!
I was taking a picture of Callie, and this nice older man offered to take a picture of the "whole family"...little did he know we have 2 more little men running around the farm SOMEWHERE!!!

Addison is such a rock star! This is how she sucks on her fingers!
LOVE these cupcakes!


dandsratz said...

What a fabulous party, FOR SURE!!!!! We had a great time!! Happy, Happy Birthday boys!!! (I love Addison & Madeline holding hands--so cute!! :) )

anthonyandbeth said...

you got some GREAT pictures! it was such a wonderful party! the weather was beautiful, the food was delicious, and the company was just perfect! it was so fun to get to celebrate the boys birthday's and see all our VA peeps! hunt club farm was awesome, i had never been! love the picture of addison and madeline holding hands, how cute is that! the boys had such a good time! i wish i could've had the video camera to catch some of jacob and jackson's knock-down-drag-out's in the hay! hilarious!

Natalie said...

SO bummed to have missed this:( Looks like and sounds like so much fun.

Tiffany said...

Wow, what fun......HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSIAH and JACOB.....wish we could have been there to celebrate with ya'll..I know Paiyton would have wanted too!

Heather J said...

You are sooo good - you got way more pics than me - I'll just have to point people to your blog!!

The Stein Family said...

Happy Birthday boys!!!1 WE went to the pumpkin patch thie weekend as well, but didn't have near as much fun -- looks like a great time with friends and fun -- you are so blessed!

Vonda said...

Happy Birthday to your boys! Wow October is a big month for y'all. So glad y'all had such a great time at the farm! I know Beth and the kids surely enjoyed seeing y'all. And can't wait to see your running pictures. Yea!

Judy said...

What a fantastic day! And how wonderful to have so many precious friends join you to celebrate the lives of your boys! It definitely looked like everyone had a blast! What a great spot for a party!

Mandy said...

We had so much fun! Thanks for inviting us to share the day with you all! I do love all the pictures...too funny about Jacob's fondness for the chickens. Jake told me on the way home that he wished he could stay there with the chickens all day, and why couldn't we go there every day to see the chickens? Looks like we've got two farmer boys on our hands:)

Mandy said...

oh, and I love the cupcake shots at the end...Callie looks like she's thinking "What are you lookin' at?..Don't even think about touchin' my cupcake!" :)