Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hallelujah Harvest

I'm a bit annoyed that all of a sudden, blogger is uploading my pictures in some crazy order!! Is anyone else having this issue? I'm too tired to mess with it, so I'll apologize now for the crazy order these are in. Good grief!!

Anyways, our church had our annual "Hallelujah Harvest" on Sunday night, and it was amazing!!! Totally packed with the community, which was AWESOME to see!! This was the first year that our family volunteered to be a "trunk or treater" car, so we got to decorate and hand out candy to all the kids. I loved getting to serve in this way, because I got to see each and every face of the kids as they came by. It was fabulous. The kids loved it - totally had a ball. We are so blessed to be part of a church that commited this year to really reach out to our community by making this even free. I know that it made an impact!!! It was GREAT!
Katy, Callie, and Sadie (Yoda) at the end of a long night!
A tired, and slightly afraid little bumble bee (this guy behind us kept revving his motorcycle, and it was freaking her out...)

Carter the puppy

Emily, as Little Red Riding Hood (isn't that the CUTEST costume?)

Ryan (Superman), Niko ( it a Power Ranger?), and Anderson (Dash)

Erin (Dalmation...I'm sure a very specific one too!)

Parker is Optimus Prime in this was the only picture I could snag of him...he was too fast!

Greyson (Orioles player...again, I'm sure a specific one...) and Alexander (a very HAPPY Darth Vader!)
Josiah (Obi Wan Kenobi), Jacob (Batman), and Bradley (Spiderman)
These are Kristina's girls. She is in my Weds. biblestudy and in our new small group on Sunday mornings. Her girls were Strawberry Shortcake and...a strawberry! Isn't that adorable???

Maggie & Abby (Stephanie is the girl I run with every week - these are her girls)

Very much enjoying the pony rides

Mandy Jansen was the one that roped us into trunk or treating with them. We both decorated our vans in a star wars theme, and this is the whole gang of Star Wars people!

Sadie was adorable at Yoda!

I just couldn't resist taking this kid's picture! Hilarious!

Luke (dinosaur) and Zach (indian)

Grayson (firefighter)

Obi Wan Kenobi & Darth Vader (Josiah & David) in front of the 'galaxy'...note how serious Josiah is posing. He said he was "using the force"...

The kids had so much fun playing together while we were getting set up. We even found a clone trooper a few cars down that wanted to join our forces! :)

Callie was a bumble bee. I sort of forgot about a costume for her because the boys' costumes were so easy...they just picked one from their dress up collection. I had to call a friend at the last minute to borrow one...but wasn't she cute? I loved the little stinger!

The Schrodt gang! Jacob woke up from his nap that afternoon and was in quite a mood. He was crying that he didn't want to be Darth Vader and said he was scared. Of course, he's been pretending and dressing up for months and months and has been fine! He just was in a mood. So whatever - he picked another costume from his closet and said he would be Batman instead. So David got to wear the Darth Vader costume instead! :)

Good vs. Evil battles it out in the front yard!


Courtney said...

ha! fun pictures! josiah looks totally hyped up on candy in every picture - whew! makes me tired just looking at him!

and i LOVE the strawberry shortcake and strawberry the best - SO cute!

The Stein Family said...

Looks like a great time -- I can't wait for Chris to be home for a halloween and get roped into dressing up with the kids too!
Oh and BTW, blogger has been messing up the order of my pics too -- in general it seems to upload them backwards, but sometiems it even changes the orientation and I have to reload them a few time to keep them all from being sideways -- hopefully they'll fix it soon!

anthonyandbeth said...

i had no idea david dressed up too. what a good sport! callie looks adorable as a bumble bee and i loved that you got so many pix of all their little friends! they'll love seeing those down the road! glad HH was so awesome this year!

Judy said...

Blogger has started mixing up the order of the pictures when I load them. Now I have no idea what order they'll end up in. You can click and drag them to move them into whatever order you want when you're still working on your post, but what a pain.
Anyway, definitely the cutest bumble bee I've ever seen! And Callie looks like she's enjoying the costume. Christian hated it at that age. David is such a good sport, as always! It looks like a very fun night for everyone!

Heather J said...

So much fun -we are big HH fans, for sure - something we will miss terribly!!!

Mandy said...

Great pics! It was so fun having you parked next to us this year:) Glad you enjoyed it!

the mccollums... said...

i was just at Target and had read your post when I saw the bumble bee costume I thought of your little cutie Callie! I showed Daniel all these great pics of the kids...I was rolling!! Josiah was cracking me up with his force...too funny!

Tiffany said...

What fun Katy.....the kids all looked so CUTE! We missed not being at the harvest this year....maybe next year.