Thursday, October 9, 2008

Face Painting Fun!

Several weeks ago, the school had a tailgating party before one of their home football games. We took the kids and roped Mandy into joining us with hers. We had a BALL! David was helping out doing the down markers (he LOVED this!) and the kids and I just played! They had bouncy things and face painting - what more do you need? Mandy took these pictures and I asked her to send them to me - they were so cute!

The Batman Boys!
Schrodts & Jansens jumping (or crashing!)
Apparently Callie wasn't sure WHAT to think of Sadie's butterfly on her cheek!
Jake decided to get his face painted like a dalmation, and so Josiah wanted to be twins!


Natalie said...

Too cute!!! Looks like a lot of fun.

Judy said...

I love how Josiah even has his tongue hanging out of his mouth like a true doggie!!
I hope everyone is feeling better! I know you've got a busy weekend ahead! I've been thinking about you!

anthonyandbeth said...

how cute are they??? :) love the pix!