Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Back at Liberty...Finally!

What a great time we had on Saturday! It's been 10 years since I graduated from Liberty, and we've been saying for all these years "We have GOT to go back for homecoming one year!" The school has undergone an incredible transformation and growth explosion since we graduated, and we have been dying to go back and see the campus. It brought back such wonderful memories. We whined about how the students have it SO much easier now (we weren't allowed to wear shorts on campus, had to wear ties & dresses to class, etc, etc). We completely LOVED our YouthQuest reunion that night. It was so great to catch up with wonderful friends and hear about what God is doing in their lives now. These are the people that we ministered with every weekend on different trips. it was amazing. Very refreshing and encouraging to say the least. We are SO grateful that God brought us both to Liberty - what an incredible place! It was awesome to see how God continues to bless the school and see how Jerry Falwell's legacy continues to live on.
This is David in the lobby of the new Demoss building. None of this was here when we were there. It's amazing! Like a REAL campus! :)
This piano was in the "Jerry Falwell Museum" that we walked through. It's the piano that Macel Pate (Jerry's future wife) played at church the night that Jerry Falwell got saved!

Here are the NEW Falwells! It's Jerry Jr. and his wife Becki. He is the new chancellor at the school.

Dr. Falwell is buried on Liberty mountain. It's a beautiful site. Overlooking the campus and the mountains. What a legacy he left. Truly, a giant of the faith.

A very PROUD alumni of the Dept. of Family and Consumer Sciences!!! YES - I'm using my degree!!!
These are some of the new "apartment-style" dorms they have built since we graduated. Just LOOK at those mountains! Gorgeous!

Here's my attempt at a Dwayne Carson sighting. He was our campus pastor when we were there. He's in the red shirt...
Mr. and Mrs. McCollum! :) I finally got to meet Daniel on this trip! Jamie and I were on the same hall our freshman year, and have reconnected since blogging!

Michael Tait (formerly of dcTalk) performed at halftime (he's an LU alum too)
It was fun going to the homecoming game. The score was 42-0 (Liberty) when we left - it was great! Such a fun atmosphere. WAY better than when we were there.

Me and Jamie - it was SO great to get to hug her neck and see her again!!! She's in Charlotte, and I'm trying to convince her to come and run the Shamrock Half Marathon in March (no pressure Jamie!!!)

These pictures are from the YQ reunion. This is David and I with Sean and Mindy. They were on the same team with David and met the same semester we did. They got married the same summer as us too!! He's leading worship in OH now. GREAT seeing them. (Oh, and Sean made the Top 50 on American Idol the same season as Carrie Underwood!)
Me and Andrea. She was my boss in the YQ office. LOTS of fun times in the office, for sure!!

David and Matt Willmington. He was one of the faculty back then and was the leader in charge of YQ. Great man of God. He's been at a church in Atlanta and is now back at TRBC. So good to see him again.
Laurie (Captain) Rice, Amy (Marston) Feigel, and Katy (Maxfield) Schrodt. GREAT seeing these girls. They were on the team with David as well. Laurie's dad was David's ALL-TIME favorite psychology professor at LU too!
Mike Reffner, Sean O'Neill, and David. All on the teams together at Liberty. I can't tell you how great it was for David to reconnect with these guys. It was so encouraging and so much darn fun!!!


Jen said...

Oh...seeing these pictures makes me want to go back so badly. Can you believe how different it is. It has grown up so much. Glad you got to have such a fun day and see old friends again!

anthonyandbeth said...

wow! so glad you had fun and were able to reconnect with old friends! seeing these pictures make me want to go back! and it sounds like your trying to recruit a lot of people for the Shamrock. :)

Judy said...

Oh dear, I have so much to say on this one!! The campus has changed so much. I haven't been back in seven years and in that time it's changed a ton! Maybe we'll make it next year! Tell David that I loved Dr. Captain too! His book "The Alpha Omega Process" is still on my bookshelf. It's so good! He was one of my favorites!
I had forgotten all about Andrea! I'm glad to see that she's doing well! And then there's the McCollums, so fun that you got to see them! And I'm definitely laughing about your attempt at the Dwayne Carson picture. You know I still send him a Christmas card every year. He's the one who told me to get over you-know-who and go out with Ryan. Thank God I listened! What a fun weekend for you guys! It's always great to reconnect with old friends! LU days were the best!

Mandy said...

Looks like so much fun! Glad you guys got to go back!

the mccollums... said...

I can't believe that I made YOUR BLOG after all these years! yippeee.... It was a great weekend wasn't it? I'm so, so, so, happy that we saw each other for a minute and also that you guys got to meet my "you-know-who"...ha, ha, I just wanted to say that because Judy mentioned the "you-know-who" and even though Judy's "you-know-who" and my "you-know-who" aren't the same person I still wanted to say it. (I'm in a weird mood!) Oh JUDY, we are so glad that you listened to Dwayne! It is now a ritual that we MUST take the Dwayne pics when any of us are at LU! Glad you had a great time at the reunion...looks like it was a lot of fun! :) I won't be in the US next year, so we will have to plan a 2010 LU reunion!