Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Swim Test

Josiah has been swimming well since last year. HOWEVER, as the first born, he has tendencies to not only be cautious, but also a bit perfectionistic. These two traits have kept him from doing the swim test since the end of the last summer (when he was FULLY capable, but just refused to do it). Even when he saw several of his friends do it...even when he saw kids do it that simply doggy-paddled their way to the end of the pool...he still refused. The rule at the Y is that in order to go down the slide, you have swim one full lap - 25 meters. I don't know if it was all the Michael Phelps watching that we've done or the fact that he's almost a big kindergartner now, but he finally decided he was ready this afternoon!

He did it! He did GREAT - his stroke was great, he was hardly out of breath, and BOY was he proud of himself!!!
Here's Jacob swimming across the pool....wishing he could do the whole length of the pool. Not yet, but he's not far off, I think. He is a fish!
Callie girl!
Since David was here, I actually was able to take some pictures at the pool. I think they are my first from the whole summer...Normally my hands are too full with children to mess with taking pictures! :)
Here's Josiah walking up the slide for the first time!


At Josiah's request, we had called our friend Jake at the last minute to see if he wanted to join us. The boys were SO excited when he and his mom arrived to join us in some afternoon swimming. They all played QUITE happily with his new Justice League diving sticks! We were also pleasantly surprised with the Judds and the Saunders showed up - it was quite the impromptu pool party!


anthonyandbeth said...

sounds like a fun pool party! so excited for josiah that he passed the swim test! what an awesome swimmer he has become! i bet he was proud and he should be! :) AND so excited for him that he has jake in his class this year and they've had the opportunity to become such great buds! what a blessing for him to have a friend that HE wants to call to join him! :)

Mandy said...

We were so excited to be a part of this big accomplishment! Even though we didn't make it in time to see him take the test, it was so cool to see him enjoying the slide. They did have fun with those dive sticks...they were a good investment:) Thanks, Josiah for inviting Jake to be a part of your big moment! We're both proud of you!

The Stein Family said...

Great Job Josiah!!!!! How exciting -- and how awesome for him to decide all this on a day you remembered your camera :) He's growing up sooooo fast!

Heidi said...

HOORAY for Josiah!! Bradley was the same way last year. It took him awhile to get over the fact he didn't have to master it the first time as long as he kept trying.

Heather J said...

Glad to run into y'all but sad we missed Josiah's exciting sucess!! You'll never guessed what happened right after y'all left- I was the MOM with the kid and the poop in the pool! Yep, Carter had an explosion in the pool (actually as he was jumping into the pool). Yep, we're the family who caused everyone's time at the pool to be cut short! Oh well, maybe that will make me more sympathetic the next time we have to wait for the pool to re-open account of poop in the pool!

Judy said...

Wow Josiah! Great job! That slide is huge and it looks like so much fun! You're just growing up so fast!