Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Day 2 - GREAT!

It was another great day today. I had this fear late last night that maybe, all of a sudden, Josiah wouldn't want to go back! But he was just as excited this morning, looked just as cute in his uniform, and did great! He walked right in his room, hung his stuff up, and went right to his table! The best part though was that as we were walking through the parking lot and into school, he was pointing out to me all the kids that he recognized from his class! That was fun for me to see him starting to point out his new "friends". He was very excited that he had more papers to bring home and show me. He's probably the only kid that's really anxious to get the REAL work started - he's ready to move past all this boring, basic assessment stuff! I'm so proud of him.

The other kids and I had a fun morning at a new playground. The weather was SO mild - it was only in the 70s and breezy, so we spent the morning playing outside. It felt SO great! Oh - Josiah made one comment to me this morning. Jacob had asked if we were going to the playground today, and I told him I wasn't sure exactly what our morning was going to entail. Josiah then said "Mom, save all your fun ideas for when I come home, okay? I want to do them too!" Oh, my sweet little quality time boy! This is going to be the hard part for me. Trying not to feel guilty about him "missing out" on things that I'll do in the morning with the other two. That will be an adjustment!! We'll get there though!


anthonyandbeth said...

so glad he loves it. so cute about him wanting to be included in the "fun" things. there will be plenty of fun things for him too. school being one of them! jacob and callie need some things of their own too. :) i bet he will be excited to get to the "real" stuff of school. although i'm sure most of it will be a breeze for him anyway! :)

Heidi said...

So glad days 1 and 2 were such a huge hit. Very good news!! I'm anxiously awaiting our first week here.

It's funny to hear how he is ready to buckle down and get to work.

Erica said...

Katy, I am so happy to hear things are going so well for your BIG kindergartener! Benjamin wants to be 5 so badly, so he can go :) Or so he thinks.haha

Also, on a side note, but just as important, I want you to know (and I guess all of those that read your blog, right?) that you have a gift of making me feel so loved. Your comments have done so much for me. So, thank you!!! Thank you!! Thank you! You and Natalie both are always so encouraging...and I love you both for it. I owe Sue bigtime for introducing me to both of you! And, Sue, if you read this, you know you occupy such a special place in my heart...even if you dont like me because I am a military family :)