Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Expo!

Bright and early this morning (Saturday), we headed off to the Expo for the Half Marathon. These are SO fun! They have a million vendors set up with free samples of different things, lots of run running stuff, people from other races across the country - it's just so fun!! We ALL love to go!
Here's David in line to get his official race packet!
His number is actually 13292 - his timing chip was covering the "1". There are more than 25,000 runners signed up for this race!!!
Here's David reading the VERY important poster about the timing chip that will go on his shoe. (For those of you that recall the 8K that he and I ran for CHKD in June, I screwed him up with bad information about his timing he was sure to read this sign!)
The official Rock & Roll Half Marathon t-shirt for participants (can you tell he's getting a WEE bit embarrassed of me taking all these pictures?)
Saturn is a sponsor of the race, and they had these cars set up all over the convention center. This was one the official race car - how cool is it? Jacob wanted to get in all the cars!

Cytomax is the drink (it's like Gatorade) that will be served on the course along with the water stops. Callie thought it looked tasty too!
Here are the boys making their signs...I have a picture like this from my race too - them sprawled out all over the floor...oblivious to the thousands of people walking around them! :)
Jacob drew "THE race" on his sign, with dots all over it ("Daddy has to watch out for these dots when he runs"), and Josiah wrote "Go Dad. I (heart) you." They love making these signs! They also got (from vendors) cowbells, clappers, and thundersticks, so we are SET in the cheering department!
This one's for you Mandy!! Geico is another favorite sponsor for my boys - they always have a little game for the kids to win something. Jacob won a flashlight, and Josiah won this cool gecko hat!

Here he is!!! A soon-to-be 13.1 mile finisher!!! He's excited and so ready! We drove the course after the Expo and it brought back so many memories for me. It's a bit nervewrecking to be on the other side actually...a lot of pressure on the cheerleader! I'll have all the kids with me tomorrow, so I'm just praying that we'll be able to get where we need to be, and see David as planned (without losing anyone!) They're all sleeping in their clothes tonight (everyone is wearing orange so I can see them easily), since we'll be leaving the house tomorrow at about 5 am. Race starts at 7 am, and he's hoping to be done around 9 am. We'll keep you posted! You can do it David!!!


Courtney said...

yea!!! can't wait to hear and see pics!

The Stein Family said...

Good Luck! Crazy to think you guys will be getting up for this thing at about the time I head off to bed :)

Courtney said...

COME ON...i'm dying to hear all about it!!!

Tiffany said...

Can't wait to hear how it went Schrodt family Runners!

The Stein Family said...'d it go?!

anthonyandbeth said...

these expo's look like a lot of fun! anthony would'nt have liked all the picture taking either but you have to have it for the memories and David will be glad he plastered the smile on his face and gave in to you. he now has a record of all of this!!! :) love the boys signs! so cute!