Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Day with Tutu at the Waterpark

Jacob (and Josiah too) loved these little water slides. He would have loved the bigger ones too, but isn't tall enough yet!
We were having some chocolate covered pretzels for snack, and look what came out of the bag!!! They had melted a bit apparently, and came out stuck together and in the shape of the Olympic rings!! Seriously! The boys were astounded - my little Olympic nuts!!! I should have saved it to sell on Ebay! (Remember hearing about the cornflake that was supposedly shaped like Illinois? It sold on Ebay for something crazy like $1500!)

Callie getting some love from Tutu

Josiah was persistent - he had to try this lillypad thing 3 times before he could make it all the way across!
They had picnic tables in the sand areas - Jacob apparently thought it was like our beach!
Josiah passed the swim test and so was allowed to go on all the slides - even though he wasn't tall enough. He convinced Tutu to try out this inner tube one and she graciously humored him and went on it!!!!
This is the inner tube slide and Josiah and Mom did (I did it twice too - very fun!)
This was the cannonball slide. There's a drop down at the end - he thought it was great! I was so proud of him.
Mom decided to take the day off from work on Wednesday, and so we all went to the waterpark for the day. They have a small waterpark about 30 minutes from her house, and we had a ball! We went once last summer with her and the kids just loved it. They have some small waterslides for kids, but this year, Josiah was old enough to take the swim test to be able to go on the big ones too! I was so proud of him. Of course, my Mom's favorite part was the Lazy River (Callie's too I think) - it was so relaxing! We had a GREAT day together! We drove back home last night, but the good news is that Mom is coming on Friday for the weekend! She had already planned that a few weeks back. I planned the trip up just a few days ago to be able to see Courtney and her new baby, so it was nice when we left Mom's house knowing that we'd see her again in just 2 sleeps!!


anthonyandbeth said...

looks like a very fun waterpark! way to go josiah on the swim test! i bet you were proud! i love all the pictures of jacob and callie, they are SO cute together! glad you're back home all safe and sound and that your mom is coming tomorrow! more fun to come for all of you! :)

Heidi said...

What a fun spontaneous getaway! I didn't know you were leaving. You sneeky girl!

These quaint little water parks are the best and you aren't as frantic like you are going to loose someone.

Jen said...

Very cool - we are headed to WC tomorrow. Love those waterparks. Have fun with TuTu this weekend.

Mandy said...

GREAT pictures...looks like a blast! Glad you guys got to hit a water park this summer:)

Erica said...

Looks like so much fun!! And that baby girl looks adorable in her suit! Josiah, you rock! Those slides are for big boys for sure! Way to go!

Judy said...

I love the pictures of Jacob and Callie. It looks to me like he loves playing with her and I'm sure she adores her big brother!