Thursday, August 21, 2008

ASCS Open House!

Josiah LOVED seeing his name everywhere in his class. I remember loving this as a child too. This was the sign on his door. He was especially excited to see the "jobs" bulletin board - you know, the one that says who is line leader, who does the calendar, who is a table washer...all that kind of stuff. He eats up that kind of responsibility and is so excited for it!
Our friend Jake is in the orange shirt. His birthday is 2 weeks after Josiah and they've always been in Sunday School together. Mandy and I are THRILLED they'll be in the same class together at school now too! I know it helps Josiah to know someone! (And for those that are curious, the little boy in the white tshirt - to the left of Jake - is the OTHER Josiah!) :)
Here's Josiah!!! They all had this glazed look about them as Mrs. Mulford was talking to the parents. It was pretty funny. But he sat and listened (or bit his fingernails...) He was most excited about her saying that she reads a book EVERY day during snack time!
Here they are! Mrs. Livingston is the teacher's aide (on the left) and Mrs. Mulford (on the right). The two women that I am entrusting my precious boy to for 17 1/2 hours a week! Godly women...both said how many years they had been believers for when introducing themselves and giving their credentials. Both with SUCH a heart for these children. Both are certified teachers!
The open house was so much fun. Really! Josiah loved seeing his room all decorated and looking at all the fun things around the room (he asked me "am I really going to get to play with this stuff mom?). He got a bit shy and embarrassed when I told him to stand with his teachers to take a picture, but other than that, did great! I figured I may as well get it out of the way now so that I can leave him alone on Monday for the first day. Mrs. Mulford really is going to be wonderful for Josiah. She talked about how she has been praying for her students this summer. About how every child has their own day each month where they sit with her and she prays for them. Prays that they will love God more. Prays that they will learn to serve Him. Prays that they will know they are loved. Seriously - THIS is why we are sending him here to this school. Not only because we know he is going to be learning things and getting a wonderful education. But because his teachers will be showing him more about Jesus and loving him in the process. That's the part that made me emotional.
But I was pulled back to earth quickly as I had to make a 3rd trip to the bathroom that evening...remember the hamburger that I got from the drivethru for lunch that day? well, it was bad news. I was throwing up all night. It was rough! I thought several times how AWFUL it would be if I actually got sick in his classroom - he seriously would have to be homeschooled after that! I held it together though. It probably was a good emotional distraction for me actually! :) Other than feeling weak on Friday, I was fine. By late afternoon, I felt totally normal again. Strange!


anthonyandbeth said...

so sorry you were sick, bummer! but you're right, may have been a distraction! love his class. love his teachers. love seeing his classmates. love that he is excited! LOVE that she prays for them and over them. what a blessing!

Mandy said...

I am sorry you were sick! You didn't tell me that! I thought you looked a little "forlorn" across the room...guess it wasn't just emotions. Glad you got to feeling better quickly! Which BK did you go to?

You got some great pictures from the open house...glazed looks all around:)

The Stein Family said...

Looks great! I hope we're so lucky next year when Clara starts kindergarten (minus the stomach bug!) Hope you're feeling better.

Courtney said...

i can't believe you managed to take pictures when you were feeling so crummy! it's amazing the things we can do, huh??

Heidi said...

So glad the open house was such a hit!! Other than you being sick right!? See now if you would have stayed for lunch that wouldn't have happened! Just kidding!

Jen said...

He is going to have such a great year and I know those teachers are going to love him to pieces.