Monday, August 18, 2008

A Great Weekend, A Busy Week Coming

It was a GREAT weekend that we had! My Mom had planned to drive down and spend the weekend with us -sort of a last summertime hoorah before everyone gets back to school and work. We had a WONDERFUL time with her. I was so enjoying myself, that I forgot my camera on both Friday and Saturday! We went to the pool with her Friday after naps and the boys (and Callie for that matter) loved showing her all their new tricks. On Saturday morning, we headed to the bay for a wonderful day at the beach. It was the perfect weather and so relaxing. After we got home and put the kids down for the naps, David and I got to go squeeze in a date and see the new Batman movie (VERY good, but VERY intense). We had softball games that night, so it was a full day! Tutu left at nap time on Sunday, but we had SUCH a great time with her, as always. I'm so thankful that she lives close enough for these pop-in weekend trips. My kids absolutely adore her, and I wouldn't have it any other way!!!

This week is going to be a busy one. David's back to school today getting his class ready (he's in a brand new classroom, brand new desk, but the room has NO windows!!!), and he's excited to be back. It's the last week before Josiah starts Kindergarten (he is getting more and more excited every day!) also. We have 2 different things at school (an ice cream party tonight for the new PreK and Kindergartners, and the official Open House on Thursday night), and then some fun things this week as I enjoy having all of kids home together for the last few days!! We have our big children's consignment sale this week too, so it's lots going on!!!!


anthonyandbeth said...

at least you got a cute picture of you and david! we loved the movie and yes, very intense. can you believe addison slept thru the whole thing! :)

sounds like your time with tutu was wonderful! i bet josiah is excited about tonight! we have open house tonight. weird, i know, we've already started school. :)

Jen said...

Have fun at Open House tonight - yummy. Can't believe the summer is coming to an end already.

Judy said...

A new classroom sounds fun and I have never, as a teacher, had a new desk. What a treasure! But NO Windows...eek...I hope he gets a new room again next year. That doesn't sound so fun.

Heidi said...

So glad you had a fun time with TuTu and a date night weaved in to boot!!!