Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Break Camping Trip 2012

We started off our spring break with a bang - the long-anticipated ultrasound!!!  Because we were going to leave for our camping trip right after my appointment, all 4 kids had to come with us (UGH).  Thankfully, a lady from choir offered to come sit with them in the waiting room so we didn't have all that chaos in the ultrasound room with us!  :)  The ultrasound went GREAT - the lady thought it was peculiar that I didn't want to know the gender but that David did :).  She did all the other pictures and measurements first and then told me when I needed to close my eyes!  :)    I tell you - this is the 5th time around and yet the MIRACLE of life NEVER gets old!!  I was SO very thankful to see a healthy baby up on that screen!  (I had watched the season finale of the Duggar's two weeks before and it absolutely tore me up.  I do NOT recommend watching something like that weeks before your own ultrasound...).  The kids were excited to see the pictures of their new brother or sister, I was relieved to know there really was only ONE baby in there, and then we hit the road!!
 After all the excitment that morning (and the long day the day before...) all 4 were asleep shortly after getting on the road.  They slept most of the way and then we stopped near Charleston at a Cracker Barrel for lunch.  Felt like a good, homecooked meal with vegetables would be a good thing before a week of camping!  :)

 And then we finally got to our campsite!!!  We decided to go somewhere a little different this year.  With me being a little bit pregnant :) and Caleb being 2 (which translates to "too big to throw in a backpack to go hiking" and "too little to handle the 4-5 mile hikes that we like to do", we decided to stay at a lakeside KOA campground outside of Charleston instead of the more rugged state parks in the mountains.  It was perfect for us this year.  
 Callie was "supervising" the tent set up...
 I wasn't much help either!! I was talking to my sister Kelli while the tent was going up - HER ultrasound was an hour and a half after mine was that morning and so I had to get all the scoop from her.  She found out they are having another BOY!!! SO excited that Joseph will get to have a little brother!  Brothers are the best!!
 Getting all the sleeping bags laid out...

 Yep, looks like it will be nice and cozy!

 Josiah was a HUGE help for David!
 Walking back to our campsite after a little exploring...
 Time to get the fire going....its dinner time!

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