Sunday, April 8, 2012

He is Risen!!

Happy Easter!!!  We had a wonderful day - full morning, but wonderful celebrating our Risen Lord!!!  Because we had to all 6 be up, dressed, and leave for church before the sun was up (literally - we were in the car at 6:30 am), no picture of my 4 sweet babies on Easter morning.  

 Here's a picture of the 3 that were still awake when we got HOME from church though!  :)

 After nap time, the egg hunting began!  We hide the big plastic eggs in the backyard for the younger two....

 I totally reused the eggs from the Easter Eggstravaganza the day before...didn't even buy new candy or anything!

 Then it was time for the BIG boys!  We hide jelly beans INSIDE the house for them...makes them hunt a little bit more :)

 Successful hunting!  (and for the record, Starburst jellybeans have always been my favorites, but the NERDS jellybeans are AWESOME too!!)
 Because of how exhausted everyone was after our long morning at church, we ate our Easter meal for dinner that night.  The kids and David made resurrection rolls while they were waiting.  LOVED this!  :)
 Didn't get around to dying the Easter eggs until after dinner (hence the jammies...) - but we got it in!!  :)
I didn't even buy a fancy kit or anything...just good old food coloring, vinegar, and water.  Worked pretty well though!  :)

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Judy said...

My kids don't like Jelly Beans, but maybe it's because I always get the free ones from CVS and never buy the good starburst ones. I like your idea of making it harder for the boys, I might try that next year with some decent jelly beans (so he'll actually want to find them).