Friday, April 13, 2012

The Michaels' come to Town!

A couple of weeks back, Alli texted me and asked if they could stop through and stay the night with us on their way back to WV from Disney World...once I stopped jumping for joy, I said YES!!!  They moved last  summer and we have ALL missed them SO much.  (Update:  their Dad's old boss called him up several months ago, said his job was still vacant, he went through the interview process, GOT the job, and is moving back THIS summer - we can't WAIT!!!!!)  We were thrilled to get to see them!!!!  The kids all picked up right where they left off, and we grownups loved getting to sit and catch up too!

 Josiah and Jacob were thrilled to get to show off their "obstacle course" that they had constructed
 These two girls are two peas in a pod.  I mean seriously.  Cooper said at one point "Carlie and Callie are a lot alike mom".  Yep - that's why they get along so great!  :)

 Dessert time!

 Cooper and Jacob are LEGO masters!
 Callie, Carlie, and their pets :)
Cooper, Jacob, and Josiah...laughing about who knows what!!  :)

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