Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Camping Adventure - Wednesday

On Wednesday morning, we decided to take advantage of being so close to some awesome history and headed into historic Charleston to visit a plantation!!  Josiah had spent the year learning all about SC history, so he was quite a good tour guide!  :)
 We decided to tour Drayton Hall Plantation - the oldest, unrestored plantation in America!  We figured if it could survive the Civil War, then surely it could survive the Schrodts!  :)
 Yep, they love their daddy!
(By the way, I realized when we got there and the sun started coming out that I had never changed Caleb out of his jammie shirt.  I had just put pants on him and a sweatshirt...oops!!)

 They had this fabulously huge, enormous oak tree - just perfect for climbing before our tour began!

 Can you imagine having all this land?

 It was so interesting seeing the house and hearing about how the Drayton family lived. 
 The kids did a great job during the tour...for the most part!  :)  We got to tour the gardens and follow a little scavenger hunt outside as well as see the African American cemetery that was on site as well.  Really fascinating stuff.  We all loved it!
 We left after spending the morning there to head back to our campsite for lunch.  Can you tell we've been wearing these kids out?  :)
 After lunch, Daddy and the older 3 headed up to the rec house to play some ping pong...
 ...and wrestle...
 ...while Caleb and I went back to the tent for a MUCH needed nap!!!  We were both exhausted!
 Sweet baby boy - dirty fingernails and all!

 I really loved having our campsite right on the was gorgeous, beautiful breeze, the kids would just piddle down by the reeds and water while waiting for the meal to be ready - it was lovely.

 Hamburgers, hot dogs, chili, and mac & cheese for dinner (I did MUCH better with cooking on this camping trip than in the past...totally helped having a real GRILL at our campsite!!)

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