Thursday, April 5, 2012

Schrodt Family Soccer

We were all loaded up in the car and were driving out of the neighborhood for soccer practice when we got a call from josiah's coach that all practices had been cancelled for the night.  David called the weather hotline and confirmed that because of storms that were supposed to be coming through the area, they had called off practice.  We had a car full of disappointed kids, so we decided to have our own family soccer game in the court!  :)

 This counts as a belly shot, right?  22 weeks :)
 I was DEFINITELY not an asset on whoever's team I was on.  Pregnant, wearing sandals, NOT athletic...but a great encourager!!  :)

The boys loved it and took it very seriously...of course!
You can see how even Josiah knew he couldn't totally trust me to defend the goal!  :)

And by the way, it never rained that night!  :)

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Judy said...

What a fun mom.....doing soccer when you're prego! I would have been sitting in a chair :)