Thursday, April 12, 2012

Camping Adventure - the LAST day :(

We survived Wednesday night.  The weather was really gorgeous for the week but we knew ahead of time that it was going to get downright CHILLY on Wednesday night.  The forecast said in the 40s - brrr!!  I was better prepared for what that meant this time so we were VERY layered up and we slept just fine....I was chilly during the middle-of-the-night potty trips (another downside to camping when pregnant), but we made it just fine.

Always sad when the last day of vacation comes, but alas.  Thursday had arrived and it was time to start packing up.  

 I didn't cook breakfast this morning - knowing we were going to be packing up - so we had bagels with cream cheese and pop tarts :).  No one seemed to mind!  (Well, Josiah asked if I could make him a bagel sandwich - bagel, egg, cheese, and ham/bacon - and was sad momentarily when I told him I wasn't cooking...pop tarts made him happy though).

 Caleb apparently has a big head like Jacob and his daddy...because he fit in Josiah's USC hat just fine!

 Packing up the air mattress and tent!  :(

 This is why I love camping - getting away from electronics for a few days, lots of great conversation, watching my 4 kids play happily in the dirt for an hour or two - its the best.
 This was our view from our tent.  Gorgeous.  I really did enjoy staying here.  David would say he definitely likes staying in the mountains better.  I loved that too, but this worked out really well for us this time.  I liked getting the camping experience, but still having some of the amenities of the KOA resort (pool, game room, kitchen with HOT water and a sink to wash dishes), etc.  Plus, in the mountains, the kids can't go off at ALL (obviously).  Here, we could send them up to the rec hall (which we could see from our camp site) to play ping pong while we were making dinner - or whatever.  That was nice.
 Packed to the brim!!  You do have to bring a lot for camping!  We got checked out of the campground by noon and then headed into downtown Charleston just to explore a bit.
 There are fountains everywhere!!  (Oh, and see Callie's hair!  My first attempt at a french braid in her hair!)
 We went and saw the Ft. Sumter National Memorial and Monument (something else Josiah knew all about from history this year!!)
... and Jacob discovered that it was on this VERY day that the first shots were fired to begin the Civil Year several hundred years ago!  Who knew!  We were there on such an important day!
 My biggest and littlest boys
 There is still so much to explore in Charleston one day, but we enjoyed getting just a taste, having a late lunch, and then driving back home.  
We got home just in time to run in the house, grab socks, shin guards, and cleats, and head to the fields for the older kids to have soccer practice!  I was EXHAUSTED at this point and just wanting a hot shower and my bed!  We made it through, headed home, and I was never more happy to get a nice long hot shower and go to BED!  It was a GREAT camping trip!!!

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