Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A BIG day for Callie!

 Registered this sweet girl for Kindergarten today.  Can NOT believe it.  To say that she is excited would be a SEVERE understatement!  We absolutely LOVE PHES - it has been an awesome school for the boys and Callie can NOT wait to go with her brothers!!  She is growing up!
 She and Caleb are inseparable.  Mostly because Callie loves being the boss and Caleb happily follows.  But Callie is a natural teacher and so she can be so sweet with Caleb as she "teaches" him all throughout the day.  This was while we were at the library - she was "helping" him choose his books.
 Her friend Addison got her this ADORABLE running outfit for her birthday, so she was SO excited to go running with her daddy when he got home from work!!!  Aren't they the cutest?
...and they're off!

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