Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Easter Eggstravaganza!

Northside sponsored a HUGE (by huge, I mean 20,000 eggs, inflatables, cotton candy, sno cones, popcorn, face painting - all free!) Easter Eggstravaganza for our community this year and it was AWESOME!!!  

 This little girl loves any kind of life-size costume, mascot, anything - can't get enough hugs!!!

 I am always astounded at how much this little 2 year old can do.  Not normal, I know...
 He stresses out other people who look at him and think "surely he can't get up there and do that himself".  They look at me and I shrug and say "he really can!"
 Nice David.  Nice picture.  

 This HUGE monster truck was there too and I felt like my kids finally looked little again standing next to it!  :)
 See Jacob INSIDE the tire?
 Getting ready for the egg hunt for the little ones.  This is what 10,000 eggs looks like :)  David had Caleb and I was on the other side of the field with Callie.  The boys were bouncing away on inflatables...their hunt was 30 minutes later (good call separating the little ones from the big ones!)

 He loved it - and TOTALLY knew what to do!  That was nice!

 Happy boy with his loot!
 David had to run over to church after a little while to help constructing this cool new backdrop so it would be ready to go for Easter.  Looks pretty cool, right?  :) Pretty sure they didn't teach him THAT in seminary!

 What kid doesn't love cotton candy and sno cones?  What mommy doesn't love when they are FREE?

 I don't have any pictures of the boys doing their egg hunt because Callie and I were in line for an HOUR for the face painting.  Its one of her favorite things and she was bound and determined.  I was getting nervous that we would run out of time and have wasted all that time in line but we BARELY made it before the lady closed up her table.  And I DO mean barely - like 1 little girl behind us got her face painted too, but that was IT!!! 

Resurrection Eggs Night #2.  LOVE it.

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