Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Resolution 5K Run!

We woke up VERY early on Sunday morning. We had to leave our timeshare at 5:45 AM in order to get to Ft. Lauderdale and pick up our registration packets and be ready to start at 7:00 AM. NONE of us were super excited to wake up that early. It had been a late night the day before. David and I had drove all night on Friday night to GET to Florida. And our kids had a FULL day of fun and went to bed late after opening presents. But we WERE excited for the race! Chris and Kristen were going to meet us there, since they were driving from their house. We were running a little late, had to stop and get gas (from the SLOWEST gas pump on the planet), but made it there in time before they closed off the roads. David, meanwhile, was fielding all kinds of phone calls about the snow in SC. Apparently it snowed in some places and not in others - but was church still on? Our substitute pianist called and said where she was coming from, the road was covered in ice and she couldn't make it out. So then David had to start calling other people to try and get a pianist there to fill in. It was CRAZY!!

Oh, and everyone that wore a hat during the race got a free California Pizza Kitchen appetizer coupon - so you KNOW we were in for that! I found these cute little Christmas-y antlers that I knew would be PERFECT (and I knew Kelli would LOVE them and Kristen would DIE of embarrassment!)
Kristen was given her head-wear the night before, but she "mysteriously" lost them somewhere between the registration table and the starting line....hmmmm... :)

Kristen and Chris - Chris decided not to run but rather to help with the cheering section :)

Enjoying the post-race yummies :)
Kelli and I loved our candy cane antlers - we ran the race together and I LOVED that! We finished right under 28 minutes (I think?) and, all things considered, were happy with that. David (remember his awful half-marathon in November) was ready for redemption on this run, and he finished under 25 minutes - so he was pumped! It was funny because while we were running, Kelli kept talking about how cold it was and I had already stripped off my jacket and was down to my tank! Running in Florida is definitely different!
Kristen finished strong and did GREAT! She'd had some bad race experiences, so she was excited to have a GOOD race and finish feeling good too!! She surprised herself by running the whole thing - she rocked it! Way to go Kristen!
Now it was time to get the kids ready! They had little fun runs they got to do.

First up was Callie - she's back there next to me in the pink jacket...
She wanted her jacket tied around her waist (I think she saw other runners doing that), but as she was running, it was falling down around her ankles! :)
She finished though!
Next up was Jacob! :)
He wasn't about to let a GIRL beat him!
Okay - now for the big kids' 1 mile run. Jacob was a little tired after just running his 100 yard dash 2 minutes before, but off we went. I ran with them to keep tabs on them :)

Making the turn at the halfway point and coming back! Only .5 mile left to go now!

Heading towards the finish line (sorry it's sideways...too lazy to fix it)

Happy and proud to be a finisher! :)

My other finisher - way to go!!!
Running a mile isn't easy - but they did it! Good job Josiah and Jacob! :) Now we can go back home, eat a yummy breakfast, and maybe take a nap? :)

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