Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

We made it to Florida! The kids were SUPER excited to wake up and find out that we were only an hour away from being there!!! They thought (as the original plan stated) that we'd get there after lunch time! So everyone was excited that the trip went so well. And it was super fun to call my sister Kelli - who LOVES surprise - and SURPRISE her that we were there so early!!!

We got to enjoy the morning with Kelli, Scott, and Joseph, and then Mom (who had spent the night at Kristen & Chris' house) joined us in the afternoon. Later that afternoon, we all headed down to Weston - about an hour south - (near Ft. Lauderdale) to check into our timeshare! :)

We were loading up the cars to head to the timeshare and Caleb was showing Joe all that he knows about road trippin'

Someone named JACOB was a little bit excited I think! :)
This is how it would have felt with TWINS, Kell!!! Somehow she and Scott ended up with both babies in their laps! We decided to go ahead and feed them so they could get to bed quickly. We were having a big Christmas feast (standing rib roast with horseradish crust, asparagus - YUM) that wasn't going to be ready until WAY past their bedtime, so we decided to get them fed and in bed so we could enjoy our dinner later on! :)
Kelli gave him ketchup to dip his nuggets in - a BIG hit!
We missed having Kim and her family with us. They were celebrating with David's family the same week, so they didn't get to come to the timeshare with us. :( She had these adorable gift tags on all our presents though! She started teaching preschool this year at the school where her kids go, and apparently the teachers got these free tags when they had their school pictures made! Isn't she smart to make use of them?
We got to open presents again with the family - to and from Mom and all the sisters. SO fun!!!
In the midst of this present opening, David got a call from his accompanist in SC. Our regular pianist was on vacation, so he had made arrangements for a sub. The sub was calling David to find out if we were still having church the next day because it was SNOWING there in SC!!! This was the first of MANY calls back and forth about the snow!!!

This was Kristen and Chris' first Christmas as a married couple! :) Chris did well - he gave us GREAT lists - complete with item numbers from Home Depot!!! We love good lists to go by!
Callie got the bumblebee pillow pet that she had requested from Chris and Kristen - this is her running off with it. She was SO excited!!!! This was the best I could do to capture it :) (I'm still not even sure how she knew what a pillow pet was - but she was emphatic about it going on her list!)
Kelli got mom this adorable hat and scarf set - isn't she the cutest? :)
It was SO fun to be able to kick start our vacation with Christmas and being together. We had a LOT of discussion later that night because I had the great idea of running a race together while we were there. So we all signed up for a 5K the NEXT morning (it was called a Resolution Run, since it was the day after Christmas). It was going to be an EARLY morning after a LONG day of travel and a late night, but we were still excited!!!

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