Friday, December 31, 2010

the not-so Happy Birthday to Me!

I woke up on Friday to a sweet little Jacob next to my bed saying "I feel like I'm going to throw up Mommy!" Ugh. Talk about jolting you out of bed! I took him to the bathroom where he got sick, then laid back down - not feeling well myself. I had to shower and get ready to go because my sisters, Mom and I had some special plans. I kept hoping that it was just the competition of being up early and Jacob being sick that was causing my stomach to feel so unsettled. I said goodbye to David (who was staying at the timeshare with the older 3 kids) and took Caleb with me and headed to Kelli's house. Kelli had arranged for a babysitter to come and stay with Caleb and Joseph at her house while the girls and I went and enjoyed breakfast and pedicures together! I was really looking forward to it - until we pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant. I got out of the car really fast and got sick - right there in the parking lot. Strangest thing. Felt better afterwards - seriously, gross I know - and didn't want to ruin everyone's great plans. So I washed my mouth out, blew my nose, and went to join the rest of the girls at the restaurant! I just kept hoping that maybe it was just some random fluke!

John G's is the name of it - it's right on the water and has a beautiful view. Great food - perfect place to start the morning (if only I'd not just thrown up in the parking lot!) I managed to eat a few bites of breakfast...
We did go on and get pedicures - which was awesome. I always love it and always say that if I ever hit the jackpot, regular pedicures would be my regular indulgence! :) Makes me feel so relaxed!!!
We headed back after our fun girls morning out and I took a long nap that afternoon. Jacob said he was feeling fine (and David said he had acted fine all afternoon). I woke up still feeling "off' but not really sure. Josiah had been sick once randomly earlier in the week, then Jacob that morning, so I suppose it was just some kind of 24hr bug. I was just so mad that it was on my birthday - and on our last day of vacation!! We decided to drive to the beach - since it would have been a crime to vacation in Florida and not even SEE the beach. Chris and Kristen were following us in their car. As we were caravaning there, we were on the phone with Kristen giving directions when all of a sudden she said "gotta go! jacob just threw up in the car!". I could have died. Kristen is a bit fanatical about her car. And my kid just threw up in it. Could it get any worse? She handled it well, but I felt terrible. David said he really had been fine all day, so I guess it was just carsickness (he does tend to be our carsick kid). Oh man. He was fine when they pulled into the parking lot though.
Caleb loves the beach - just wants to be set free to go and play!!!

I was just sort of watching. My sweet family. And not feeling very good at all. But content to watch them and feel extremely blessed.
I love my Mom. Am so thankful for the relationship that we have. She's the BEST!

Look at the curls on these two blonde babies!
the newlyweds :)
My precious family - December 2010
real life :)

We headed back to the timeshare for my birthday dinner that Kristen and Chris made for me. Homemade macaroni and cheese, salad, crescent rolls - YUM! It made me so sad that I couldn't eat much of it! :(
Scott and David enjoying Lego Rockband :) Perhaps a little too much!
Scott - the financial trust planner that deals with multi-million dollar estates.
David - the worship pastor from a Southern Baptist Church.

Kristen even made my favorite cake - ever. Carrot cake with homemade cream cheese frosting. OH man. I was just getting sadder and sadder. Hated being such a downer on the last day of vacation. This is NOT how I wanted it to end, but what can you do?
Callie helped me blow out the candles
You can tell from these pictures how I was feeling. I was there, but that was about it. At this point in the night, I was present, but didn't really have enough energy to even pretend. Bummer.
sometimes I think my kids don't even notice. Maybe that's a good thing. They're still all up in my face wanting to see and be a part of everything. Doesn't matter that mommy feels awful!
Beth got me a pineapple wedger from Pampered Chef - Kelli was checking it out! Beth & I have a thing for fresh pineapple - LOVE it! Goes way back....back to when Beth had Jackson and I brought her some fresh fruit including fresh cut pineapple which she'd never done before....She discovered this very cool invention and knew I would LOVE it! She was right!
Courtney sent me the book "Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young. I was so excited to get my own copy - had been hearing about how wonderful it was from several different people! She knows me well!

A beautiful necklace/earring set from Kim
A little friendly competition between Kelli and Scott...
They both can talk some trash!
So that was my day. Not how I had planned it to be. But I was overwhelmed looking around at my precious family all around me. Even though I felt crummy, I was surrounded by the people that I love and that love me and was so grateful that the Lord put me in this family!!! Thank you God - for our relationships and that in spite of our differences, we still remain close! It was a GREAT week together!

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Courtney said...

oh...i'm SO sorry you were sick on your birthday! SADness!!!

LOVE the pic of you and your mom on the beach!

love yOU!