Monday, December 27, 2010

Fort Lauderdale Museum of Science and Discovery

Our adventure of the day on Tuesday was to head up to the Museum of Science and Discovery in Ft. Lauderdale. We had a TOTAL blast - all of us! There was something for everyone - and we loved it! We thought we'd stay for a couple of hours, then head home for lunch and naptime. We ended up staying all morning, having lunch there, and then watching an IMAX 3D short movie before heading home mid afternoon! What a blast! I LOVE places like this - hands-on, educational stuff that my kids just LOVE learning about!
Who doesn't love bubbles? :) There was also a big boat next to this that Joseph LOVED playing in. Funny thing about it is that he kept throwing all the toys over the side of the boat - and Kelli says that is true to real life! He's constantly wanting to throw things over the side of their sailboat! :)
Wherever water is, Jacob wants to be!
There was this huge staircase/climbing tree thing that Caleb loved trying to get up and down!
Can you hear the ocean? There were 2 more floors full of fun, but it was one of those places where you were fully engaged all the time. LOTS of people there, we had lots of people with us - so we were all trying to pay attention...thus, the lack of pictures :)
After a few hours of fun, we had lunch downstairs at the world's most expensive Subway in the museum (where the sign says "sorry - we do not participate in the $5 footlong). Seriously, I think our lunch was more than our admission tickets! Anyways, we ate and then headed out front to let the kids run around a little bit and see the water before it was time to head back in for the IMAX show.
Mom conquered the outdoor maze :)

Even Caleb was trying to follow the big boys - his balance is pretty good actually!

The boys in front of the museum entrance - there was this huge clock tower "thing" that had rolling balls going all the way through it (think "mousetrap") - but it was some scientific "thing" that really enabled it to keep time! Pretty impressive - sorry for my lame explanation :)
These bolts were magnetized so they would stick together and you could build the most amazing towers. A few of my kids would have stayed here all day long! We had a blast!

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