Sunday, December 26, 2010 last time!

Since the babies (Joseph and Caleb) went to bed before we opened Christmas presents, they still had THEIR gifts to open! So it was Christmas time again! :)
Caleb was super excited about the golf set that Chris and Kristen got him (see him pointing to the ball :) )

Joseph LOVED the play food that we got for him (Callie was VERY excited about this - she said "now Joseph can play with me!" :) When Joseph was at our house in October, he LOVED playing at Callie's kitchen with her. So Kelli and Scott got him a play kitchen for Christmas, and we got him some food (of course - I'm the foodie!) to go with it! :)

How does everyone know Caleb so well? Some balls from Scott & Kelli...
I wonder who got a hold of my camera for this one? At least it proves I was there!

We ended the night with a big game of Disney Cranium. We have the original Cranium game and LOVE it. Mom got our family the Disney version for Christmas and it was SO much fun! It was awesome to be able to play a real game that Josiah and Jacob could FOR REAL be a part of! We're a big game family - that just spells vacation to me - so I LOVED this! :) Definitely a highlight for me.

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