Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Did I mention we like games?

Some future bankers here? Both boys loved playing Callie's new cash register that she got from Tutu....just don't let Callie see!
Got my blanket back!!! We left it at Kelli's house when we arrived on Saturday morning. Caleb took a nap that day in Joseph's crib, and when we packed up for th timeshare, we left it there. It was a VERY sad first night....Caleb cried and cried. Gave him a towel, but he's no dummy! Finally, Kristen was able to stop by Kelli's house on her way back from work and pick up Caleb's blanket for him. He was a VERY happy boy!!! :)

We decided that everyone needed to take a nap today. We've had so much fun during the day and staying up later at nights, so they were overdo. Jacob decided he wanted to take his nap on the balcony, and I said okay. He really did sleep! Looked like a homeless man, but he had a good nap! :)
David gave Chris some rubik's cube advice (Mom got the 4 sons-in-law a rubik's cube...David's the only one that knows how to solve it, so he was giving lessons :) )

another round of disney cranium anyone? :)
a little popcorn snack on the floor...
Chris and Caleb
After seeing signs around the property for tennis, We thought it would be fun to take the kids to play tennis for a bit before dinner. We went down to guest services to borrow the racquets and balls and they informed us that we had to rent them. Like a security deposit kind of thing. $10 per racquet. Oh, and they only take cash. How about the credit card that we put down when we checked in? Nope. How about since it's just a HOLD unless we don't return something, you just hold a credit card number. Finally after going round and round with some...ahem...intelligence-challeged front desk people....we convinced them to hold a credit card number and get over themselves. Then they informed us that they don't ACTUALLY have a tennis court on the property but that we could "play" out on the blacktop. Oi.
So we went out to the parking lot where there was a basketball hoop to hit balls. It was pretty hilarious actually. Chasing balls everywhere, and being fanatical about it because if we lost anything, they were going to go bananas and charge us crazy amounts.
We had a lot of fun though! :) We're crazy people - we can have fun anywhere!! (The most hilarious thing about this whole story is that later in the week, Kelli went down to the front desk to try and get change to use in the washing machine (which were coin-operated). She asked the front desk where the nearest ATM was on the property and the girl said "What for? You can just use VISA anywhere!" Kelli wanted to say "first of all - none of your business what i need cash for. and secondly - YOU are the ones that require racquets ring a bell? Washing machines? HELLO!" It was pretty funny!)
Callie loves her Uncle Chris!
David is SO enjoying reading the Narnia books to the boys. That was Josiah's spiritual gift (the Narnia books), and they were looking forward to seeing the newest movie (Voyage of the Dawn Treader) when it came out. David has great memories of his sister Sharolyn reading him these books as a young boy, and it really developed in him a love for reading. So this has been a very special thing for him to continue with the boys and they are loving it!!
A little Wii Cycling anyone?
Josiah randomly was sick today and went to bed early. Jacob took Kelli on and introduced her to the world of Wii sports. Anything that's competitive, Kelli's willing to go all in for!
can you see Jacob's face? He is DYING laughing! :)

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