Tuesday, January 19, 2010

we're going to do it...again....!!!

yep, we officially signed up for another one. Half-marathon that is. We were going to do the Myrtle Beach half over Valentine's Day weekend, but waited too long to sign up and it filled up (sad). We lucked out and found another saturday race (MOST races are on Sunday...which makes it hard for pastors to participate!) here in Columbia on Feb. 27. So that's what we'll be doing. Now we just need a babysitter to come and stay here with our kids that morning!!!

I'm a wee bit nervous - mostly because I expect the course to be hillier than I'd like. But you get what you get - and we had to find one that was close and accessible....so hills it is! I'm still struggling with being frustrated at my speed, and the fact that I am NOT back where I was before I had Caleb. But as Beth reminded me the other day, he's only 5 months old, and I've only been back running for 3.5 months now. So I'm trying to be patient....trying....


anthonyandbeth said...

see...when you write it out like that can't you see how AMAZING YOU ARE!!!! and i thought i was the babysitter??? :)

Courtney said...

so many people are just glad to DO a half at ANY point in their lives! much less months after having their 4th baby!!!