Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's almost party time! :)

Saturday morning was so fun - some last minute details for the shower, Kristen came over to be a part of the fun for a little bit (before we sent her back home so she could make a grand entrance at the shower), and we were waiting for the last sister to arrive! Kim and Mary (her 13 year old daughter) drove down for the day from Tampa, and we were so excited to see them too (and watch THEM be surprised by Mom being there!)
It's too bad Caleb never smiles! :) He sure does LOVE Tutu!!!
Kelli picked up the flowers from the florist and was showing Kristen - they were beautiful!! Blue hydrangeas (sp?) which is what we bridesmaids are carrying down the aisle! :)

Kristen didn't want to miss all the fun of being together that morning, so we let her come over for a little bit. If you stick around too long, you end up helping in the kitchen! :) She was working on the proscuitto wrapped asparagus in this picture! :)

We had Mom walk downstairs after Kim & Mary arrived so they could get the full surprise too - it was hilarious! Kim said "why do you guys always do this to me?" (Remember 4th of July? When every day was another surprise?) We died laughing and assured her that NONE of us knew what our crazy mother was scheming!! :)

Kelli - doesn't this make Joseph look old? Standing up like a big boy!!!

Mary and Joseph! :) I can't help but smile when I say that!

Kim & the smiley boys!

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Judy said...

You guys and your surprises!!! I do remember the 4th and that was an amazing surprise to pull off. Although I'm thinking you guys are not going to believe each other anymore when you tell each other you're not coming to something.