Friday, January 15, 2010


Josiah had a half-day yesterday and no school today, so it has been SO nice! It's the end of a grading period, and then Monday is a holiday for MLK day, so it's a nice long weekend! The weather really warmed up today (got up to 60 degrees) and it felt SOO good! We headed to the zoo to enjoy being outside and had a great time. I know I've said it a million times, but we love our zoo! It just felt so good to be outside without all the bundlings and enjoy the day as a family. David even said to me at one point "it feels easier today!" Callie was in a good mood and was walking around with the big boys - not being needy or clingy. It WAS nice! :)

The "unplugged" week has been SO nice! The boys are a little bit sadder now that it's the weekend- that's normally when they are allowed to play video games, and it's doubly sad because it's a LONG holiday weekend. But I have so enjoyed. Once they do stop complaining about it, they have played so well together, have enjoyed being outside much more (even when it was cold!!!). It's been a huge relief - just got all of us out of the habit and the rut!

The boys have their first basketball games of the season tomorrow, and I have an 11 mile run awaiting me! :) Good times!

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Tiffany said...

We can so relate Katy.....I was excited to get out this weekend with the girls too and than poor emmah came down with a stomach bug and we have had to stay home....glad you all got out to enjoy the great weather though.