Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kristen's Bridal Shower

Author's note: I can't even believe that I am posting about my BABY SISTER's bridal shower....

Seriously, the weather could not have been more perfect. 74 degrees, sunny, slight breeze - gorgeous!

I had hoped that Callie would take a nap during most of the party, but she didn't want to miss it. Every girl loves a party, right?

We had a great time meeting some of Kristen's friends from work, church, biblestudy, etc. It was fun hearing about how they all knew her.

Kristen was pretty emphatic about not wanting any crazy games (those are the kind that Kelli & I specialize in!!!). So our only game was that we had a basket filled with 13 things (I think) - we showed everybody the items, and then they had to write them down (from memory) and figure out what significance that item had about Kristen and/or Chris. For example, we had a toy piano because Kristen plays piano for biblestudy. A palm tree because she lives in Palm Beach. A number 13 because they are getting married on March 13 - it was fun!
Kristen got the coolest, most beautiful Tommy Bahama trashcan - I don't think I'd let my kids put any actual trash in it - it was that nice! :)

Callie just kept walking back and forth to the coffee table and taking handfuls of m&ms that were on the table...see how she thinks she's being sneaky since we're all distracted watching Kristen open her presents?

Part of my gift to Kristen was putting together a "Maxfield Family Cookbook" - it had 50 or 60 recipes in it of all of our family favorites - things mom always made for us growing up as well as our own favorites now from Kelli's kitchen, my kitchen, and Kim's kitchen. It was so much fun putting it together, and I think Kristen was really excited too.

Mom got Kristen a crockpot (with this awesome lid that seals so you can transport it somewhere without it spilling all over your car....been there done that!!!)....Our family should have stock in crockpots - we all love them!

Heather's girls passed out the favors they had made to the ladies. It was a lovely shower!


Judy said...

What a beautiful shower!!! You guys are such great party planners!

Judy said...

What a beautiful shower!!! You guys are such great party planners!