Thursday, January 21, 2010


We've just started another season of basketball around here - Josiah's 2nd year playing, and Jacob's first year! They are having a ball as always, and I am enjoying that it's inside and their practices are on the same night (as opposed to football which was outside and two different nights of practice!) :)

Saturday morning games are at 9 & 10 am - which of course is during Caleb's first this is how he spends game time!

Jacob's game is first - and the 4 & 5 year olds are hilarious! Jacob has a HUGE grin on his face for the majority of the time!!! He runs his little heart out!
Yep - there he is...guarding his own guy! :) Still working on the basics with the 4 & 5 year olds obviously!

Here's Jacob BETWEEN the wall and the bleachers. He was crawling down around there after his game. Retrieving things that Callie or Caleb dropped, etc. How can you not love that face!

Josiah's game is always second, and he takes it very seriously! I think he feels much more confident this year and understands the flow of the game much better. He does great defense and seems to enjoy that part of the game the most!
He was getting ready to receive the ball from his teammate...and it appears he's holding his hands in a triangle formation - like how they taught him in FOOTBALL to catch the ball. Whoops! A little confusing!
He LOVES guarding his guy - seriously! David said he always liked playing defense the best, so maybe he's like his daddy!

It is tiring, isn't it? :)
The boys are having a ball. We are playing through the Upward league at our church again, and it is such a fabulous program! Games will go through the end of February, so it's a great way for the boys to get some energy out during the winter too!


Courtney said...

we HAVE to do basketball next winter...although it's sure been nice to not have ANY sports right now!

the wiedmaiers said...

Just wait until Callie can do UPward cheerleading... that is great also!