Friday, January 1, 2010


Being at Beth's house was SUCH a nice vacation for us. Truly. The kids played so well together - Callie and Addison were an absolute hoot together, Jackson and Jacob were usually dressed in Batman costumes or swords in hand, and Josiah and Harrison stayed very busy making wild animal books or art "masterpieces" for the museum (that's what they told us!!). I don't think we've ever gotten together where we've ALL been on vacation. If we go and visit, Anthony is still having to work. If they come to see us, David is still working. So this was SO nice and relaxing!

Callie was buckling Addison in the doll highchair. (See the red sparkly shoes Addison is wearing? Callie picked those out for her! :) And Addison shared her bumbo seat with Caleb too...)
She is VERY loving! :)

David set this up...I'm not sure of the story behind it, but I'm sure there is one...
Beth & Anthony were telling us about one of their Wii games that got scratched and didn't work. David, mr. information, said he read somewhere that you could rub it with toothpaste and it would solve the problem. Beth bravely tried it, and it worked momentarily, but then got stuck again. Oh well!
These girls love their books!

Uh-oh - lookout! They found the tutus!! :) (and the random neckwear...)
David put together the marble run and the kids had a ball with it!


anthonyandbeth said...

i just love seeing the girls in their tutu's! and i wish i had gotten the pictures off your old camera too. you have some that i don't have! i love how Addison is holding caleb's face. so sweet! and it was so fun for the girls to really play together this time. i just love it when we all get together!

anthonyandbeth said...

and i'm SO glad it FELT like a vacation. there is nothing i want more than for people to feel at home here and feel like they can really just RELAX. i am SO glad you feel that way and had a chance to take it easy. it's been a busy year. :)

Courtney said...

oh, that marble game! i remember that as a kid! :-)