Wednesday, January 13, 2010

If Only...

As we were driving to AWANA/church tonight, this is what I heard in the backseat:

Josiah: "too bad we weren't born at the same time, huh?"

Jacob: "yeah. then we could always be together. we could go to sparks together. we'd both be seven together."

Josiah: "yeah".

Jacob: "And when they sing happy birthday to us, they would have to sing "happy birthday josiah and jacob, happy birthday to you!"

These boys crack me up. They are best friends like no other. They are beginning to get very excited about the fact that they will BOTH be at the same school together next year (which is still FREAKING me out...that I'm talking about registering Jacob for kindergarten!!) Why are they all growing up on me!!!


Jenn said...

that is so precious :)

anthonyandbeth said...

so i forgot to tell you how much i love your new header! and this is precious. your boys are the sweetest!

Andrea said...

I LOVE it. That is so cute.

Andrea said...
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