Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Foody Tour

 Saturday morning we were able to wake up and take our time!! It was so nice to really be able to just relax and sit and talk without other distractions (i.e. kids!)  We kept those fireplaces going - it was shockingly cold in Savannah that weekend, but those fireplaces felt so luxurious!
 When we were first talking about where to stay, we knew we wanted to stay in the historic district downtown so that we could stroll around and see the park and the fountains.  We found this awesome house on VRBO and it just breathed "Savannah" to us! It was perfect!

 The boys got to play a little bit and have their morning naps before we had to go - that was nice!
"Hey dude!  You're chewing on my toy!"
Feeding Sam - he's a messy one too!
Waiting for our tour bus - do the Florida girls look a little chilly or what?

 Julie was our tour guide and she was awesome!!  Has lived in Savannah for 5 generations, seemed to know everyone and everything about the city, was super knowledgeable and hilarious all at the same time!

And we're off!

 Our first stop was at "The Whistle Stop Cafe" right near the Visitor's Center.  We ate in an old dining car of the train!

 The planning committee :)
 First stop - Fried green tomatoes with a remoulade sauce and a raspberry sauce.  Delish (and I don't even like tomatoes!) The remoulade was my favorite sauce.  Yum!
 Second stop was at this coffee shop (Jittery Joe's) in the university bookstore (Ex Libris).  Savannah is home to SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) and it is HUGE! Buildings everywhere around the city - it was cool to see!

 They had these awesome pillars everywhere made out of REAL books!!!
 We had a tomato and basil quiche here - the crust was puff pastry.  Yum!
 And cucumber infused water.
 Me and Judah thought the cucumber water was a little weird...
 They had different things you could buy in the bookstore that was made by students in their classes/studio - it was really cool!
Mom and Kim at the top of the stairs - time to get back on the tour bus!
 Judah got to try puffs for the first time while we were driving to the next stop...he liked them!
 Sam wasn't totally convinced about the puffs.
 We passed by the original location of "The Lady and Sons"...
...on our way to her current location!!

 We could choose anything on her buffet to eat for this stop...tough choices!

 Jamie, Paula, and Bobby - buried alive in cornbread and biscuits :)

 In the end, I chose macaroni and cheese.  Of course!  And it was incredible!
 Our next stop was the Johnny Harris Restaurant.
 They had dozens of signed menus all over the entryway - all kinds of celebrities!  Ty Pennington, 
 Ben and Jerry!  :)
 This mural went all the way around the top of the restaurant - it was gorgeous.  The owner told us that an ex con painted it decades ago in exchange for food.  He had gotten out of prison and was looking for work and asked the owner if they could work out an arrangement.  :)  It was beautiful!
 Barbeque rib, cornbread, and coleslaw.

Judah finally gave up and took a little nap at this point. :)  
 Our next stop was to a place called "Sisters of the South" - how perfect is that!?!? It's like they knew we were coming!  Soul food at its best!

 Had the MOST amazing "Sweet Lemonade" they called it - had mango, pineapple in it - it was amazing!  Also got a little plate with collards, bbq, and some mac & cheese on it.  Yum!  
 The last stop was at a place over the river called "Tubby's" - fitting for our last stop on a food tour!  :)  We had some chocolate cheesecake that was delicious!  
We had SO much fun!  We learned so much about the city and SO loved getting to eat our way through the city!!!  The perfect activity for this crew!!  :)

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