Thursday, February 7, 2013

Josiah - Junior Instructor

Karate has been a great thing for Josiah.  His discipline, attention to details, precision, and responsibility totally works to his advantage in this sport.  He has excelled as he has risen through the belts and it has been great to see him flourish in this area.  About a year ago, his Sensei asked him to become a junior instructor. This means that once a week, he gives private instruction for 30 minutes to some of the younger kids that need extra help as they work towards their belt rank tests.  Josiah LOVES it - he is a wonderful teacher, super patient, and so good with these kids!  And he loves it because the parents (of the students he teaches) are allowed to tip him :).

This week, he also began assisting Sensei teach one of the younger classes - 4-6 year olds.  I wasn't sure if he would enjoy this environment as much - he tends to prefer one-on-one environments to big groups, but he has LOVED it so far!! I stayed to watch him and its so neat to see him in this position of leadership.  He really does great with the younger kids (he can be SO patient with them...need to see more of that at home...) and he enjoyed being one of the teachers!  :)  And bonus for me - it gives him a discount on his tuition - score for mom!  :)  Way to go Josiah - I am SUPER proud of you!

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