Sunday, February 17, 2013

River Street

 After Kim left, we headed back down to River Street to look around for a little bit and then ride the trolley through town.  We stopped here at River Street Sweets - this place is amazing!  I had seen this place featured on Food Network years ago for their pralines that they make fresh in the store.  When we came in 2011 to run the half marathon, we stopped here and bought some pralines - out of this world!  I mailed some to my Mom (who LOVES pecans) and started a small obsession with her too.  So this was a definite MUST SEE on our agenda.  It did not disappoint!

 Kelli and I were sitting "over here" waiting at the trolley stop.  Kristen and Mom sat across the street in the "sunny spot" - see them?  Over by the ferry :) The trolley rode us through historic downtown and we enjoyed being able to see the rest of it...without having to walk :)

Paying close attention to the trolley map to make sure we got off where we were supposed to.  Our driver wasn't the we say helpful?  :)
 Mom and Johnny Mercer - a famous American Songwriter!

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anthonyandbeth said...

Love those pralines!