Monday, February 18, 2013

Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room

When we decided that we were going to Savannah for this trip, I knew that Mrs. Wilkes was another destination we could NOT miss!  I told the girls about it, about how it's only open during the week, only for 3 hours for lunch, and how we had to wait in line or it wasn't going to happen.   They thought I was nuts, but I assured them the food would be worth it!  While the babies had their morning naps, we got all packed up and checked that we could go wait in line for Mrs. Wilkes - what a great "last supper" together!  :)

 Fed Judah his cereal and squash while waiting in line...
 Sam's turn for his cereal and veggies...

 We got in line by 10 am (it doesn't open until 11 am).  Shortly after we arrived, the line wrapped all the way around the corner!

 Finally it was our turn to be seated!  You sit family style, the places are already set with sweet tea (and they almost glare at you if you ask for water or unsweet tea :)  ), and the food "has already been blessed"! This is the feast that awaited us!

 My plate
 Sam tried mashed potatoes...not his favorite

 Judah tried black eyed peas - and loved them!

The aftermath - still looks like there is plenty of food on the table, doesn't there?


anthonyandbeth said...

The line still cracks me up. So glad y'all could go. Def and all time favorite for me!!!

Courtney said...

wow - that's crazy! and SO much food!