Wednesday, February 13, 2013


This is David's ring.  I bought it for him as a gift when he was ordained.  (It has 3:16 written on it in  Roman Numerals in case you're wondering...has been a great conversation starter leading into sharing John 3:16 :) ).  Anyways, he lost it probably about a year ago.  Took it off one and never could find it again.  Was sure that Callie or Caleb took it and stuck it somewhere.  Well, Jacob FOUND it tonight!  Was getting a marble out of the bag to put in his marble jar and VOILA!  It makes sense now.  The marble bag sits on the kitchen counter.  David always sets his wallet, keys, and apparently ring (NOT his wedding band, just these "other" rings) on the bar counter when he comes home from work.  It must have gotten knocked off into the marble bag...only to be hidden in the midst of all those marbles.  Jacob called David and was BEAMING that he found it!  David was so excited!  Josiah also reminded David that he owed Jacob $5 for finding it (apparently that was the reward that was promised long ago when David thought they just needed a little incentive to confess or find it).

And look at my newest shopping helper!  Now that he's sitting up so well, he gets to be a big boy in the shopping cart - and he loved it!  My neighbor let me borrow this cool cover thing - never had one of these before, but I loved it!!

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