Friday, February 1, 2013

Grapefruits and Bingo!

 I hated grapefruit growing up.  But 3 of my kids LOVE it (Judah doesn't count...he hasn't had it yet).  Caleb learned how to do it HIMSELF this week - that's VERY helpful!  :)
 Daddy got a new phone this week, which means his old phone becomes the "family" gaming phone I suppose!  :)  David sat down to check his email and Caleb ran and got the "family" phone to play a game next to him :)
(Did you know that your old phone, even without any service, can still be used to play games/apps on? I didn't know that!)

 It was BINGO night up at school!  With a family our size, we've got pretty good odds!!
Sure enough, Callie was a lucky winner!!  She picked a school spirit hairbow as her prize!  :)

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