Saturday, February 2, 2013

Gettin' Ready for the Superbowl!

 Our missions classes were selling snack mix to Life Groups as a fundraiser on Super Bowl Sunday.  Callie and Carlie LOVED their job as the "shakers" for the Muddy Buddy variety!  :)  
 Judah got to have a pretzel stick for the first time - I'd say he LOVED it!
(This is one of my FAVORITE teether things - the hard pretzel twists - they can suck/gnaw on them forEVER.  The best!)
 More progress on the tree house...
 David standing on the second level...yes, he made a trap door and wants a second level...because it's not high enough?  UGH!
 Cake is ready for the SuperBowl tomorrow!!!  The boys were SO excited!  I made this cake back many moons ago before we had kids.  With the boys so into football now, I knew they would love it so I dug through old photo albums to find the picture of the original and copied it again this year.  I was right - they LOVED it!
I think my favorite part is the referees (the striped HUGS) :)

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Courtney said...

i LOVE that cake! i'm going to have to remember that!