Friday, February 15, 2013

Mom's Birthday Weekend Begins!

We had all been SO looking forward to this trip for months!  We told her that we were planning a birthday weekend celebration for her in February, but decided not to give her any details at that time.  She HATES surprises, but we LOVE them!  We decided to send her clues every week to build up the suspense a bit before we finally let her in on the secret.  Her first clue was the plane ticket that we booked - that was flying into Jacksonville!!  Savannah doesn't have a major airport, so it was easier to fly her to Jacksonville and have Kristen and Kelli pick her up on the way.  It also helped to confuse her a bit while she was still trying to guess!  Some other clues were a Paula Deen magazine, a box of girl scout cookies (the founder's house is in Savannah), mention of the 21 squares, a picture of the claw foot tub in our house - it was SO much fun!  Never before had we ALL been so excited for Mom to get her mail every week!!

Friday morning, Kelli and Kristen were the first ones on the road.  They had the longest drive and were planning to pick up Mom from the airport on their way.

 They stopped at Cracker Barrel for some coffee, grits, biscuits...
 ...and long enough for Baby Sam to get fed and changed too!!  

Kim took a half day from work and was on the road around 11 am.  I felt like such a bum still hanging out at home - we live the closest and so had the shortest drive :).
 Hooray!!! Tutu is here!  They picked up Mom at the airport around 12:30 pm - just about the time I was getting on the road.  I was ready to get there!  It was entertaining packing David's little midget car.  I'm so used to my fabulous van and felt like we were packed into a clown car in David's little Civic!  The trip went well - I left after feeding Judah and getting gas, so we didn't even have to stop along the way.  Judah was fussier than normal in the car - I think because he's not used to being alone :).  In the van, there's always funny kids to watch!  He did well though, took a little nap, and finally got to the house we rented for the weekend around 2:30 pm.  
 Coffee table book :)
 First things first - time to feed this kid!  :)  I brought the bumbo seat to feed him - and had to squash his chubby little thighs down in it for him to fit!  Definitely not as easy as his high chair at home, but much more portable!
(I texted this picture to Mom's cell phone with the caption "hurry up Tutu" - they were only about 30 minutes away at this point!
 HOORAY - they made it!!!  :)
 Baby Sam and Baby Judah
 It is SO fun having babies the same age!!!  They got a total kick out of each other!
 Look at my new trick Tutu!  I love to eat my toes!!!  :)

Dinner preparation time!
 Kim arrived a little after 5:30 pm, and I made dinner that night.  It was easy for me to bring stuff from my house and that way we could relax and enjoy instead of feeling like we had to rush out somewhere to find dinner.  I did Mexican - one of Mom's favorite.  Shredded chicken tacos, cornbread, and homemade pico de gallo and guacamole.  :)  

Kim taught Judah some new songs from preschool!  He LOVED them!

And so the weekend began - we were all SO glad to be there!!
(Of course, while I was making dinner, I got an email from Josiah saying the weekend was off to a horrible start - he fell and scraped his chest, ripped a hole in his sweatshirt, and Callie smashed his finger in the back door.  Poor guy - good thing his daddy is VERY capable!)  :)


anthonyandbeth said...

I know you looked so forward to this weekend! What a special time of memories made with your sisters and mom! I bet there was a lot of squealing when you all finally saw each other! ;)

Courtney said...

i need your recipes for that meal - sounds like it's a good one!