Sunday, February 3, 2013

Special Outfit

There's alot of things that I don't remember after 5 kids.  Shoot - sometimes I have to pause and remember the birth year when the pediatrician asks for one of the kids' birthdates.  But then there are other things that are SO special and forever stick in my memory.  It is so special to me that I have some things that all 5 of my babies have used.  Our crib. The cradle. The baby bedding. All five of them have been in there.  So special to me.

This outfit is one of those things.  My friend Courtney's mom gave it to us when Josiah was born.  Josiah was dedicated in it - hat and all! (Of course, it had matching socks too, but those are long gone). All of the boys have worn it.  When David was getting him dressed this morning, he said "I'll always remember this outfit" - I was shocked!  David doesn't always remember stuff like this, but he definitely did!  I love it!

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